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Are you eating pork pies.

You better watch my videos beacause this is for you.

Pork Pies are the favorite snack of British since 19th century.
Pork Pie is made with hot pastry. . It’s an old english favorite recipe.
crunchy on the outside and soft from the inside. with the filling of chuncky pork and jelly stock.

Traditional Bristish Pork Pie.

Pork Pie Recipe

Step 1: Preparation of the hot pastry

ingredients :

500 grms flour (sifted)
100 gms salted butter
100 gms lard
200 ml water

combine the flour, butter, lard and water
microwave it, until melted and mix into the flour.

Step 2: preparation of the filling


725 gms mince pork
250 bacon diced
270 pork shoulder (diced)

1 tbspn dried thyme
1 1/2 tbspn pork liquid seasoning
1/2 tspn nutmet powder
2 tbspn of fresh sage
salt and pepper to taste


combine all the step two ingredients. mix well.

-let’s prepare the dough. knead well until smooth
-cut off the quater of the dough.
wrapped it for cling film. (reserve for the lid)

place the remaining dough in the baking mold. makes sure there are no holes.

8 – 3/4 tin mold

fill with the meat mixture and pack down well

Preparation of the lead

take two egg yolds and beat them
use this to use around the edges of the pastry to form a
good seal with the lead.

next step: place the lid

when done, pinch all around the edge to seal the pie.
make a hole in the center

brush the eggyolk, all over the top

bake at 180 deg C for 1 hour 15 mins

preparation of the jelly pork stock

combine the pork stock and jelly powder

microwave and mix well

when done, using a funnel, pour the jellatine stock tru the hole
in the top.

place in the fridge to set overnight.

when done

serve cold with salad or anything you fancy.

enjoy! and thanks for watching!!

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