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Pie Crust Recipe Homemade Southern Style

Homemade pie crust recipe from scratch . Always flaky when you use crisco. You will also learn how to make homemade fresh blackberry filling . Perfect pie crust from scratch. Bake on 425 degrees for 40 minutes or until done. Simple and easy best pie crust recipe ! My thing is to put a paper towel hanging out of my back pocket ! You may see me reach around there to it….LOL Yep, that’s my secret to cooking, that paper towel. Senior citizens on a fixed income can make this because it is cheap and it taste wonderful.

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Video Transcription

hi everyone this is sweet twister joyand today I’m going to show you how tomake a Crisco pie crust and we are goingto make make blackberry pie now all ofmy ingredients came from Walmart so it’sreadily available and easy to findokay I’ve got the great valu all-purposeflour and we’re going to start withthree cups of all-purpose flour justgonna go ahead and pour that in our Bowlokay and next we’re going to get oneteaspoon of saltI don’t know I do not use real salt soI’m going to show you that I use this nosaltit is sodium free and then a teaspoon itis okaynext we’re going to go with the cup ofCrisco now I use the Crisco that isbutter flavored that’s the one that Iprefer you knowof Crisco and I learned to love it toookay let’s see if we get all of ourbutter in here actually it’s not butterit’s uh Crisco shortening I love the waymy mind works nowadays now we’ve got ourflour blender and you can also pick thisup at Walmart now I’ve had this one foryears and what we’re going to do iswe’ve got well let’s say we’re going touse a little bit of cold water saysseven to eight teaspoons of cold wateryou know folks I can talk faster but mybrain doesn’t work faster so we’re justgoing to go ahead and add in this oneit’s two three four five six seven okaynow what we’re going to do is going toblend this all together I’m going tostart out stirring it now I have a spoonI don’t know where I put it maybe anywayjust going to start out this way andthen what we’re going to do is we’regoing to graduate up into our flourblender and you just slowly but surelyjust keep doing this and eventually youwill get the texture that you need nowI’m gonna put your whole so Adam or youto death with this and then we’ll comeback okay I am back and I don’t have mymicrophone on alright first what we didwas we took the flour mixture andwe rolled it out in between wax paperwhich you can also get it angles or ifyou don’t have an angle she’d pick it upa Walmart very cheap okay we’re goingahead and to save time I went ahead andput my pie crust in now this is going tobe a little thick pie crust because welove up a lot of crust okay we’re goingto set this aside okay let’s see if Ican adjust this camera and now whatwe’re going to do is make our fillingnow what we did was we purchased this 16ounces of blackberries freshblackberries from Walmart now they’restill just a slightly bit frozen notmuch so these are put rows of cornstarch that’s the help bonded andsticking the juices up a little bitlet’s see if I can get into this betterokay one twoif it’s heaping I like a little bitheaping and I’m going to put onetablespoon of flour now that I do makesure that it is even like I said that’sto help get the juices goingnow I use Splenda I do not use sugarbecause I’m a diabetic and it calls forthree cups I’ll take the back 3/4 of acup 3/4 of a cup of sugar so I put 3/4of a cup I was splitting them now we mixall this together you want to make surethat you get it coated really reallywell because that’s what’s gonna make ittaste good folks is that inside feelingso make sure you stir it in there goodnow want those berries covered real wellokay that just about does it now we’regonna pour them over in our path Billylet me try that againwe’re going to pour the filling over andour pie crust okay bear with me you knowif you have a few mini-strokes and I’vehad a lot of them it gets a littleharder each time you have one but youjust don’t give up people you just don’tgive up you don’t lay down and let lifewalk over you you keep going okay we’reto take a little bit of this andsprinkle it over the top make sure it’scovered good and you know I knew I’dforget one thing when I got all myingredients together today and I did youwonder what could it be that she’sforgotten well I’ll be right backI forgot butter hold on okay now whatwe’re gonna do is cut a few pieces ofbutter we’re just gonna I’ll show youwe’re gonna break it up a little bit cuzthat’s to help all this flour and sugarmelt so I would say that I’m puttingabout oh say three little Pat’s in hereand you just want to break it up alittle bit now my little Pat says I’mcutting them you can see now what I’mdoing is I’m cutting them in fourths andthen I’m just spreading it aroundthat definitely helps thesejust get to going now the very last onelet’s see they’re not real thick oh okayyou know I’m sure you’ve been inrestaurants before they’ve give you alittle pat of butter well that’s whatthis is it’s cut up into a little pat ofbutter yeah let’s say we’ll put that onethere and we’ll stick this one over hereI have OCD and I want to be laying inthere perfect but that’s just not gonnahappenI’m going to tell y’all these are freshblackberries like I said you get them atWalmart this is a 16 ounce bag $4 97okay our next thing to put our toppingon so we’ll be right backokay now that we’ve got our topping onand I don’t know if I told you’re notbut I’ll roll it out in between the ofwax paper yes I think a did but I wantyou to see the little roller that I usenow my big roller is a decoration on mykitchen wall but this you can pick upfor about $2 at Walmart I’ve had minefor a while but I’m pretty sure that youcan still order them or get them okaynow my pie crust we’re going to go aloneand we’re going to cut off the littlepieces or rather tear off little piecesif I can keep my microphone cord frombeing in there you know folks this isnot going to be a perfect high you knowyou want perfect you go to a bakery oryou buy it already made this is homemadeand that’s what this is all about it’sreasonably priced you can do it in theconvenience of your home and you canhave a homemade pie any time you want itall it takes is just a little bit ofeffort okay now what we’re going to dofancy it up a little bit go around andwe’re gonna rip it down a little bitwith this you know that not only isdecorations but I can tell you that tohelp seal it in make sure that the steamwhile it’s cooking stays in some peoplelike to go around and they like to crimpit with their fingers but however youlike to do it it’s just blendingactually both have crushed the top andthe bottom together now you know thething about that this is not perfectlooking it’s a motive to my opinionthat’s the way that a homemade pie issupposed to be it’s not supposed to beperfect all right you must not you knowI think I’ll do it with uh with my knifeyou’ve got to cut in some little holesin there because if you don’t this thingcan explode and it will it’s got to beable to vent but you don’t want aventing on the sides so thank you I Idon’t know I just put an event so Ithink it looks right it’s not like Isaid oh and in the meantime folks whatI’ve done is I’ve turned my oven onpreheat and we’re going to cook this badboy on 425 for about 40 to 50 minuteswe’re going to keep checking on it allrightthere we go oh and the last thing youwant to do is you want to take one eggit’s a medium-sized egg and you stir itup scramble it up and then you want tobrush it on really good because that iswhat it’s going to give you thatbeautiful beautiful golden color so thatis a very important thing to rememberand put it on generously now you don’twant it looking like you’re cooking anegg on top but you also want it to havesome beautiful color now usually thething about making a pie is that theedge is safe to get done faster than therest but that’s because it’s thinner nowif you want to you can take this out inthe middle of cookie and you can putanother layer on I usually don’tbecause every time you open up that ovendoor you are just adding time on to yourbaking and also using up power okay nowI’ll be back with the finished productokay we are back with the finishedproduct and it is hot see if I can getanother buckle here so I thought maybelift it up and let you see how gorgeousit looks I mean that is beautiful okayhoney if you’re not a subscriber becomeone today if you are thank you so much Ihope you enjoyed watching this Crisco himaking little video you know this is twolayers bottom and top of Crisco butterhomemade pastry pie crust it’s also thathomemade pie fillingand I can tell you it’s baked toperfection this crust is flaky okeverybodysee you later bye

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