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Nadiyas Everyday Baking Season 1 Episode 01 Watch Free Online

Nadiyas Everyday Baking Season 1 Episode 01 Description

Nadiya Hussain starts the series with her take on the quintessentially British afternoon tea. Every recipe will offer an exciting twist on an old-school classic that’s so easy it could be whipped up every day of the week.

Inspired by a lockdown social media craze, a traditional coffee cake is transformed by a deliciously light dalgona coffee cream topping – the method is ingenious, as it doesn’t actually contain any cream! Nadiya then shares her pretty-as-a-picture meringue lollipops, which have a colourfully striped crisp shell and a raspberry-infused white chocolate centre.

Next, Nadiya knocks up cheesecake like you’ve never seen before with her super indulgent but sensationally moreish butterscotch cheesecake bars. Puff pastry, butterscotch cream and layers of crumbly biscuit create an epic teatime treat. Finally, Nadiya gives the most famous of afternoon teas a Bengali makeover, offering up her cream tea in pudding form. With cardamom-infused scones that crown a rose, rhubarb and strawberry jam bake adorned with pistachios and served with lashings of clotted cream, this is a cream tea with a difference.

Across the series, Nadiya also celebrates bakers from across Britain, shining a light on their favourite everyday bakes. In this episode, award-winning allergy-conscious baker Mina Said-Allsopp shares her secret to a gluten-free chocolate sourdough – just one of the superb recipes born out of her mission to bring delicious sweet and savoury bakes to the gluten intolerant.


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Nadiyas Everyday Baking Season 01

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Nadiyas Everyday Baking Show Description

Nadiya’s Everyday Baking on BBC2 sees Bake Off favourite Nadiya Hussain with mouthwatering and easy-to-make recipes.
Nadiya’s Everyday Baking on BBC2 and BBC iPlayer challenges the idea that baking is a time-consuming process best saved for special events. Instead former Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain shows us how to make fun, delicious and faff-free sweet and savoury recipes using plenty of her trademark hacks, cheats and tricks.
“Baking is definitely for every day of the year,” says Nadiya. “The oven is an amazing bit of kit to take the pressure off and I am really excited to be sharing some super delicious, super easy and super accessible bakes with BBC2 viewers.”

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