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Making our own snack.
Apple pie- better than any other pie.😬

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Video Transcription

last night I got the strangest dream Isailed away from Titan in a little boatto find ya and you doing the funky pitchtoday we are gonna make apple piefirst we have puffed pastrywe already softened it we re sold it weput flour so – it would be non stickyand then apple apple I’ll show you avideo how we meet apple feelings[Music]I want it like thislike this crispy I can taste the UM up110 come on we’re ready to fill itcareful maybe and then and make sure itis soften already and what appealinghalf of the side and then next we’llhave to fold it and this is the timethat is really nice[Music]it’s like a pillow here now let’s holdit[Music]okay now let’s carefully put thiswhy are you recording you watch me eat[Music]we’re gonna wash it with the eggs okayit’s like I’m coating chickenlet me get my shiny[Music][Music]then put your fingers here you’re gonnahold it we already put it there andwe’re but we needed to put it downthat’s what’s really hotsee when you touch this[Music]so it’s it hard enough door now are yousure[Music]why I can subscribe thank you forwatchinghypno station well and we’ll see y’allnext bye[Music]

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