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Learn about Pi Day and Bake a Pie! Educational Videos for Kids!

Learn about Pi Day and Bake a Pie! Educational Videos for Kids!

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Video Transcription

[Music]looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful daytoday oh look at thattoday’s March 14th it’s national pie daymarches third minds every year and todayis day 14 just like the number pi whichis 3.14hmm digits party what do you think weshould do to celebrate little Gatorslet’s make up hi[Music]that’s right I was thinking too weshould make a PI on Friday party net getstarted now RIT now you even know whichingredients go in a pie or even how tomeasure them check in the fridge you’llhelp me pick out the ingredientslitigators thanks everyonewait who can help me with the beggarsand ask you be someone who knows a lotabout measuring and numbers you’re rightagain I think that would totally knowabout measuring in numbers for sure I’llbe answers hi plus I’m so pretty pi daywe calculating the entire number did youknow that Albert Einstein was born onMarch 4 – yeah yeah back that’s great mycelebration 2 pi day is so much more funI’m making it Comi PI but I need yourhelp in measuring out the ingredientscan you come over here and help mewell I guess making history in a waysince you asked so nicely what I justrealized my houseexactly 3.14 miles away it’s no a coolpack thanks for helping me out I’ll bethere as fast as I canwhy now that Peck is coming over to helpus make the pie you can help me gatherall their ingredients litigators look atall these ingredients we’ve got picklejuice eggs ketchup yep and roughly areany of these ingredients used to bake apie look at it if you say so littleGators thanks for helping me out todayis there anything else that we will needthat we didn’t find in the refrigeratorit needs sugar done don’t forget thegummies I think we have sugar in heresomewhereI know we have gummies to the sugar andgummy during the highest show I think mymom is just trying to keep those gummiesaway from me I know what to do I’ll youto prove the game down[Music]got the gummies now what I need is thesugar no risk let’s check to see youpeckish close by 3.14 miles is a longway for my little penguin feet Ohanyway I’m here to help you with yourgummy pie Gus are you ready hey Peck I’msuper readyno dead oh wait Gus wait first we needto measure everything collected thereare rats I guess you’re right Peck Ibrought two things with me first a pierecipe that my mom has had since theyear 2000 she’s really old and secondlymy latest invention the pickle Mannixmixer three point one four thousandnothing carrot pet first we need 1 cupof milk 2 eggs 1/2 a cup sugar and threepoint one four pounds of gummies yeahthat’s my secret ingredientwait Gus don’t eat all the gummies weneed three point one four pounds for thepie oopsyou’re a peck I hope we still haveenough for the recipe[Music]that’s itthat’s three point one four pounds ofgummies let’s Adam jizz ball now we putthe gummies and then we have the sugarWowI can’t see anything sorry back oh goshI knew something would go wrongluckily we have more eggs here wait dadPeck all the ingredients are in the balltime to mix it up[Music][Applause][Music]I mean the mix is now ready place justlike or you did it the pie should takeexactly 3.14 minutes to completely fakethat means ready by 3:40 p.m. that’s PIo 3.14 minutes is a long time white youcan do pick oh I know so I came to helpme bake maybe you can help me go over myPI calculations as you can see pi isequal to three point five two six sevenfive one zero five eight two whoa thegummy pie is ready[Music]there is a piece of cake thus I thinkyou mean a piece of whoa this pilotsdelicious let’s invite alpha and Gilover to celebrate private with usgreat idea Peck hey what’s up littledude hey Peggy and I just mean it got mepine to celebrate national pie day doyou guys wanna come or in Santa bringwith ussounds cool dudes I’m on my way I’mleaving you looking good thanks everyonefor coming to celebrate pi day with meoh wow cuz this pie looks see yes ohyeah I can’t wait to sink my teeth intothis one hey don’t forget I help youmake the pipe – you sure Dave backthanks for coming over and helping meout we should make a great team andthank you little Gators for helping uscelebrate pi daywhen I woke up today I noticed it wasMarch 14th which is the same number aspi o then remember that 3.14 is also thenumber of miles between our brothers oget brave pic you also helped me measureout three point one four pounds ofgummies that was garnishes don’t forgetI finished bakingexactly 3:14 p.m. what’s big tasty whatno dude anyways thanks for watchingtoday’s pies an operation metal gears Ihope you all had fine it’s time for usto chow downII

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