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I was trying out a recipe of a keto pie crust and then started to think of some kind of filling for it. And luxurious keto chocolate custard came to mind. I made the recipe on the fly and it turned out really good. Lucky for me that the camera was rolling and I had a beautiful Keto chocolate pie recipe to share with you guys. Did I mention that, I had a couple of slices and my daughter ate it up within2 days. She isn’t even keto. And she was insisting that I share the recipe. So that is a certificate of how good the recipe is.

Lets talk about the pie crust a little bit. Here I tried to do my keto pie crust like any other pie crust. I used cold cubed butter and followed the regular procedure of keeping it cold and let it rest in the refrigerator. I added some processed cheese which you can replace with any cheese of your choice. This was only to hold it together and give it sort of the crusty feel. I made this a savoury dough, because I feel that if you have a well balanced filling, the crust doesn’ t need any sweetener. But feel free to add 3 Tbsp or so. I think it was pretty successful. But I will concede that, I could have just as easily used melted butter in place of cold butter and that would have still been perfect. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I modified my keto custard recipe by adding butter to it. That helps give it that beautiful sheen and it is keto after all. The more fat you add, the less impact the carbs have. So why not. The custard was perfect too and I would advice you to taste it before adding it to the crust. Sweetness is something very personal. My sweetness level turns out to be lower than most people.

I hope you try this out. I made it moderately sweet and it can be served with coffee. It looks great and I actually think It is pretty easy to make. This keto pie crust can be made before hand and stored in the refrigerator. And frankly you can make a no-bake pie crust. You can make my other versions made from crushed almond or the one I used in my quiche. My keto custard is pretty simple to make. Mix and heat. And I would be impressed if somebody served me this for coffee. I hope you guys try it and leave me a comment. Happy Cooking!

For the printable recipe:

Macros: Serves 12

Calories: 388

Fat: 39

Net Carbs: 3

Protein: 6

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