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It’ll Be Fine: A Baking Show… Cereal Milk Pie w/ TL DeVaney (ep. 91)

Hey friends! Welcome to It’ll Be Fine: The Socially Distant Baking Food Chat Show Thingy!!

Today we are off to Seattle and a bake with the very funny and very talented, TL DeVaney!! I have gotten to know TL on the Zoom Comedy seen and am so glad they are here to bake with me today… it’s kind of a no-bake really, but it’s awesome nonetheless, because it’s Cereal Milk Pie!!!!!

On today’s episode we’re raising money for Feeding America. The Feeding America network is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the USA. For more than 40 years, Feeding America has responded to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity in the US. In times of uncertainty, they have not wavered from their mission to end the fight against hunger.

Want to help them in their mission? Donate to Feeding America today!

Now go wash your hands and enjoy the show!!
xo, Kelly.

Host/Editor/Producer: Kelly Zemnickis
(Instagram: thelatvianfoodie)
Guest: TL DeVaney
(Instagram: tldevaney)
Recipe: https://www.bijouxandbits.com/2016/06/cereal-milk-cream-pie/
Theme Song by: Cheryl Beatty
Executive Producer & Resident Ecuadorian: Jaime Sanchez
Interview filmed on Zoom

Kelly Zemnickis drinks Thrill Coffee. Need coffee? Visit them today! (Deliveries to Canada only) https://www.thrill.coffee/

Original of the video here

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