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i try to bake apple pie/winter quarter reflections || college reflections

hello! this video was very unplanned and kinda spontaneous and i did not really think about what to talk about and yes ok this description is turning into a ramble which is basically what the video is lol! but anyways! winter quarter reflection! yes! and apple pie! yes!

tl;dwtv (too long; didn’t watch the video) it was difficult and it sucked but we got through it!!

ok yeah i don’t even know. this is all over the place sorry ahahahhaah oop ok imma go now bye!

much love,

music used in this video-
‘young’ – tomoller
‘the Jaffa orange’ – aekasora
‘Better Days’ – LAKEY INSPIRED
the jeopardy theme song lolll
‘stroll’ – erameld
‘summer’s end’ – aekasora
‘helpless as a kitten’ – aekasora
‘Waiting For’ – aekasora
‘Sk8r Boi’ – Avril Lavigne HAHAHHAHAHA idek man omg
‘summertime vibes’ – aekasora
‘Minecraft’ – like the theme from minecraft the game yes i’m nerd

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hello! my name is jason huang and i am a dual degree student in bassoon performance and econ, also minoring in spanish. i go to northwestern university and i make these videos to document my life! feel free to follow along if you’d like!

Original of the video here

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