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I Cast the Bake Pie Spell All the Way to 99 Cooking! Cost and Exp Analysis! [OSRS]

Hey guys, today I am going to be playing my main account. Over the last month or two I have been working on 99 cooking. To make it interesting I am maxing cooking by only using the bake pie spell.

The bake pie spell is a pretty interesting option as it actually is one of the quickest training methods for cooking. On top of that you will end up with a lot of magic exp as well. In this video I will be showing you how much it costed me to go all the way from 70-99 cooking. As I get more money to fund my main, I will be attempting other interesting training methods to 99.

The point of this and any future main account video, is to use some of the quickest training methods. Even if its not the most effective, I’m still going to throw money at it for quicker exp. Some examples of other methods include chinning defence, bursting magic, superior dragon bones and mahogany tables!

Thanks for watching!

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and welcome back to abrand new video today we’re gonna beplaying on my main account I know it’sbeen agesbad since I made the account and sinceI’ve actually seriouslyplayed on it the main reason I decidedto start playing this account again as Ifinally reach my goal on my flippingaccount and going forward I’m gonna betaking a certain percentage of that frommy flippin account and putting it on mymain which means I’m gonna be having apretty good source of money so it’ll bereally fun to try out expensive butquick ways to start maxing out certainskills normally these may not be verycost effective however since we’re gonnahave a ton of money coming in I’m gonnago ahead and do these methods forexample we are going to maybe chin ourdefense $2.99 and we might get 99 prayerwith superior dragon bones we can usereally expensive construction methods Imean we’re not gonna have unlimitedmoney so we’re not going to do methodsthat are totally unreasonable but withinthe realms of possibility now whilst Iwas working towards my twisted bow onthe side here I’ve been kind of workingon this account and the way I want toget 99 is through the big pie spell nota lot of people trained cooking this waybut it’s actually one of the bestcooking XP rates in the entire game theonly thing that’s better than it as faras I’m aware is one tick Khurram wandswhich I’m gonna be honest guys my wristcannot handle that it’s not worth itonce you get a higher cooking skill andcan make higher level pies you can getabout 500,000 cooking experience an hourand in addition to that you’re gonna begetting about 100k magic experience sotogether it makes for a really goodtraining method and now compared to innormal cooking methods is not a verycost effective the pies are not verycommon and they don’t have much of aresale value for the most part but I’mgonna go ahead and do a few calculationswe’re starting at level 70 cooking so wereally haven’t made much of a dent in ityet but let’s see how far we can get andI decided to actually start this beforeI finished my twisted buff series so inthe future when I make another videowhere I max in another skill all thatmoney is going to be taken directly frommy flipping account however in thisvideo I’m using some of the funds Ialready had on my main account anywayguys hoping through the video and let’sget started okay so to start off thispie grind wegonna be starting with admiral pies nowluckily these are some of the easierpies to obtain now none of the rawhidesare very commonly traded but some arealmost never traded and it may not evenbe possible to buy any of those pies soluckily admiral pies are at least madein the plan so far as to do them all theway till the early 90s there is one piethat’s higher level but I went and had alook on the marketplace and they arebarely ever traded so that’s probablynot gonna work now the reason I’m goingfor the early 90s is once I get to level92 or 93 I could actually get a boost toallow me to cook a summer pies whichwere for one are way more cost-effectivehigher experienced and way easier toobtain so I think that’s going to beworth it we can start using chefsdelights which give you a plus bi boostat that level so I think it’ll be okayonce we get to like yeah level 91 or 92there is level 71 cooking the very firstlevel of this grind which is probablylike of the easiest one in the entiregame eventually I’m gonna go ahead andmove to a nicer location but there islevel 72 cooking okay so the rest of ourpies bought on the grand exchange andwe’re behind the for around 1200currently which means it’s gonna be alittle expensivegetting to 92 I need around 27,000 300pies in total to get to 92 which at 1200each is gonna be about 32 mill 32 milland you’re not gonna get very much ofthat back it is possible to sell themfor around a hundred or two hundred eachbut if you don’t sell them that makesthe GP / xB about 5.7 there is level as77 cooking level 78 level 79 okay so I’mstarting this grind at level 90 magic100k magic experience an hour is prettydamn good I’m actually just about to geta magic level here had there’s level 91I’m predicting by the time we hit 99cooking that should bring us to 94 ormaybe even 95 which is actually perfectbecause at that point would be able toIceBridge if you want which is I thinkthe best magic experience in the gameokay there’s a pretty big cooking levellevel 80 cooking we can now cook sharksout one thing I forgot to mention is youcan’t actually burn the pies dothis way which is a huge plus 81 thereis level 82 we can now cook sea turtlesprobably not gonna do that okay we gotanother cooking level coming in here 83cooking there is 80 for cooking the onlyyeah well eight more levels to go we canout-cook angler fish there is 85 cookinga nice clean level we can now cook wildpies but I’m not gonna do that okay sowe finally ran out of Admiral pies I’mgonna continue on once again with theAdmiral pie because wild pies are waytoo random nobody likes them okay sothis kind of happened a little while agoinstead of selling back my Admiral piesI decided to just Yolo them at thepalador party room we did a bit of aclan drop party and going into this Itold everyone that if they got theAdmiral pies I would add them as afriend that was kind of the rewardunbeknownst to me though the party roomactually divides up noted items as so Ikind of had to add a lot of peoplebecause there was like 12,000 pies thereand well a lot of people ended up withthem there is another cooking level 86cooking we’re finally getting up therelevels are taking a bit longer now butyou know it’s still one of the quickestmethods in the entire game still onlytaking about an hour there is our secondmagic level of the grind so farpredicting again about three more we’regetting the magical level after aboutfour or five hours of doing this method88 cooking there is level 89 cooking andwe’re gonna be surpassing my magic levelpretty soon here not sure why this is inthere but you know what it’s an agilitylevel so we’re taking it there is 71agility not sure I did that level 90cooking that is a really nice cleanlevel only nine more levels to go butrealistically we’re not even halfwaythere yet91 cooking the only one more level to gountil I switch over to my next pieactually I should try investing inchef’s delights pretty soon because I’mnot really sure how common of an itemthey areoh there was another magic level 93magic that is really really nice itfeels so good giving me his magic levelsout of the way because normally magic iskind of expensive and you don’t normallyget passive experience at this rate okaythis is gonna be the very last levelwith the good old Admiral pie we canfinally stop doing this which I’m reallyhappy about because we are kind ofhemorrhaging money for cooking anyway onthis pie because we’re not getting anymoney back I could have gotten a bitback but I decided to well donate themessentially to people in need who neededpies of course but there we go we canget a +5 boost and start making thesummer pie which is gonna be just somuch more cost-effective okay so thatwas a pretty big segment of training soI decided I would go over a few statsfrom level 70 to 92 okay so to get from70 to 90 to just on Admiral pies took metwenty seven thousand three hundred andtwenty five pies on the average I boughtthem for around two twelve hundred eachwhich means the total cost was a thirtytwo point seven mil now the averageexperience rate I was getting was about370 K and that was based on my averagepies per hour of about 1750 you candefinitely do more than that but forlong periods of time it averages out tobe a bit lower at least for meso with that rate it took me about 15and a half hours to get from 70 to 90 toeven though I’d pretty much justsacrificed the pies after my GP / XP wasactually still around 5.7 1 and thatwould be even lower if you counted themagic experience okay so the way I amboosting my cooking is with a chef’sdelight now this works kind of in ascaling way so the higher cooking levelyou have the more cooking levels youwere gonna gain once you are over 85 or90 you’re gonna get the max amount whichis a +5 boost which means at 92 thatwill boost me to 97 which will allow meto make some er pies and for about 2minutesnow you could boost at level 91 howeverit would be pretty annoying and if youdidn’t do it correctly you could likeinstantly drop back down to 94 whichwould be kind of a waste of time soright now it is kind of slowing down myexperience rates but they’re so muchhigher than the Admiral pie stillaveraging about 430thousand XP per hour there is a leveland 93 cooking even one more cookinglevel is gonna help out a lot with thesechefs to lights that will give me anextra minute there is level 90 forcooking the only one more to go till wecan officially cook these summer pie andthere it is guys at level 95 cooking weare getting very very close now we cannow officially cook the summer pie whichshould boost our potential experiencerate to almost 500k per hour that wouldbe with me being somewhat efficient toprobably I’m gonna get about 450 KN owor maybe 470 K hello there we go guys 96cooking only three more levels to go Ijust did two full two hours and I gotabout four hundred and sixty K an hourwith this and around 100 K magicexperience so but 560 Kaito toexperience per hourvery very good okay speaking of that weactually have a magic level coming inand potentially our last one I haven’tdone any calculations yet but there islevel 94 magic I believe we’re gonna getpretty close to 95 but I’m not sure ifwe’re actually gonna make it a littleunfortunate but I think we’re gonna beabout fifty thousand or a hundredthousand experience off our next levelbut still a big chunk taken out of thatnext level okay we have now officiallyacquired all of the pies we need 299 wehave nine thousand more pies to go thatshould only take us about two four orfive more hours and we’re just about tohit a big level there is 97 cooking twomore big levels ago I think we haveabout a million experience to our nextlevel now yeah 1.1 okay we’re just aboutto get our second-to-last cooking levelthere is 98 cooking so damn close now wejust have one more level to go and about1.2 million xB of course in the like11th hour I totally remember of a veryuseful feature inventory viewer whichwould really have helped with thisentire grind but you know what we’redone with it anyway we’re just about tohit 99 cooking in the cooking guild Ithink that is the most somatic place todo it in the future I probably have a 99party but you know what it’s cooking Idon’t think anyone’s gonna care thatmuch anyway people are just gonna scoffand say it’s not even a real 99 whichyou know what this didtake me that long but there it is guys99 cooking we are now a MasterChefwell we’re MasterChef at cooking piesanyway but there we go that is thesecond ninety-nine of the account I’mreally excited I know it’s not a veryimpressive 99 but I think just gettingthe easier ones done with first is gonnabe really motivating for me I think onceI get the ball rolling I could startworking towards some of the harder onesand who knows maybe I will actuallyMax’s account someday the Cape actuallylooks pretty nice I like the purple andthe amount is okay the emotes not thatgood now looking back at the summer pieswe ended up making around 25,000 thatsummer pies now the summer pies were alot more effective and they had a higherexperience rate on average we lost about600 GP per pie if I was more patient youcould get that down to maybe 400 or evenless which makes the GP / XP on summerpies around 2.3 for what I was doing butI think you could get it down to 1.5which is actually pretty reasonable forsuch a quick method however for mypurposes I spent around 15 million GP onsummer pies from 92 to 99 now whichmeans my overall cost for pies was fortyseven point eight mil and one thing Ididn’t mention earlier is the cost ofAstral runeswhich from 70 to 99 cost me about tenpoint four mil which means my overallcosts for maxing my cooking from 70 withthe baked pies spell is 58 point two milthat is what you could expect going allthe way from pretty much when you canstart making pies to 99now we max out cooking but how muchmagic experience did we end up gettingwell in total we got 3.1 million magicexperience which I think kind of offsetshas cost a bit that’s pretty much 25% ofthe total magic experience we’ll need toget to 99 for example if you startedthis at 65 magic when you first couldstart doing it you’d get all the wayfrom 65 to mid 90s which be veryeffective so I did end up finallystarting my max cash flipping series andwe did pretty well our first weeks soour very first cash inflexion is gonnabe for 23 point 1 mil which willactually bring my total cash stack up toaround 40 mil now I was doing thispretty much on my own dime without anyhelp but going forward I pretty muchwe dated everything of value on thisaccount so all of the money is going tobe coming from flipping so the questionis what do I do next 40 mil is a lot ofmoney but it’s not quite enough toreally start hammering away at one ofthese expensive skills like constructionprayer something like that it’s gonna be200 to 300 mil which could take a monthor two before we have enough money forthat now one really easy skill I couldmax next is arranged I only have aroundthree mil experience to go and if I dotake this route I’m gonna be doing it onlong range that will give me about 3million range experience and about 3million defence experience which willget me probably to the mid 90s indefence now we’re just kind of a roughestimation on that right now would beabout 50 mil so I could probably affordto do that the only issue right now is Ihave no ranged year so I wouldn’t reallybe doing it a very max set up howeverefficiency wise I think it’s best to doit in void anyway so I could go aheadand do that which wouldn’t really costme any money anyway guys let me knowwhat you think what skills should I gofor next should I wait till have a bitmore money and just hammer awaysomething really fun like constructionjust kind of looking for some feedbackhere thanks for watching guys I hope youenjoyed and I will see you next time

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