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so today we are going to be making theimpossible buttermilk pie you will needtwo bowls a liquid measuring cup a spoonany kind of your choice 9-inch pie platemelted butter vanilla extract buttermilk3 eggs of white sugar and baking mixnow I’ve got one and a half cups ofwhite sugar one cup of buttermilkone gets 1/3 cup of melted butter half acup of baking mix three eggsand a teaspoon of vanilla extract andyou have to beat it now I’ve mixedtogether all of my batter and I’m goingto pull it pour it into my alreadygreased pie pan now what’s super coolabout this impossible buttermilk pie isthat it’s not impossible at all becauseit makes its own crust so we’re going toyeah we’re going to leave that in therewith at 350 degrees for about 30 minutesnow it should take about 30 40 at themost for this to bake a good way to tellif it’s done is the toothpick came outclean you want it to be this nice goldencolor a little brown around the edgeslike I said the base is done crust andlet’s get into it nowI like my pie a little bit gooey on theinside and that’s sort of the perfectamount of time 30 to 35 minutes as youcan see I’ve already taken some bikesout of it now this slice is fresh out ofthe oven but whenever you’re getting itlater put it in the microwave becauseit’s best served warm and you can put itwith ice cream or fruit or anything elsebut I’m gonna eat it by itself to provehow divine it isthere are no words to describe it issoft its texture II it’s warm it’sperfect for any day of the year or dayof the week it’s super easy to make youcan make it within an hour and so my tipfor you is enjoy

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