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How to cook Pie-Crust Mushroom Soup / 香脆煎饼蘑菇汤 (Step by Step)

Have you ever eaten at Country Manna Restaurant before? I used to dine in this restaurant with friends and my hubby during our gatherings and dating / “Pa Toh” time. It’s a pity that this Western restaurant was closed for good. I long for their Pie-Crust Mushroom Soup, so I decided to cook this Pie-Crust Mushroom Soup, to satisfy my own cravings for it.

Health benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms:-
– Fight cancer
– Boost immunity
– Support heart health

Tips: You may wish to take reference of one of my videos on “How to cook Salmon Doria Turmeric Rice” (https://youtu.be/9hP20GWfp-Y) to pair it with this soup and make it as a set lunch or dinner.

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