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Video Transcription

all right everybody welcome back we havecrimped our pate right I showed youthree different ways of crimping up highbut now it’s time to learn how to blindbake it so if I was making a buttermilkpie a pumpkin pie a pecan pie any ofthose kinds of pies I would never put myfilling into a raw crust for a couple ofreasons one is you’ll always have asoggy bottom two pie crusts bakes at ahigh temp but custards bake at a lowtemp so I like to blind bake my piesaround 375 to 400 because I want my piecrust to be really flaky and if you bakeyour pie crust at a low temp the butterjust kind of melts before it sweats andcreates those lovely layers of air andbutter and dough and air and butter andtow that are caused by the water in thebutter and in your dough releasing veryquickly a steam to power up but yourcustards are really delicate like yourpecan pie and your pumpkin pie those allhave eggs in them and if you bake thoseat 375 they’re gonna taste like reallycurly and eggy so you always want toblind bake your pie crust at a high tempand then lower your oven to about 325 -very slowly bake your custard filling soin order to blind bake a pie I do notwant you to go out and buy any kind ofcrazy special tools or these likenecklaces of beads you’re gonna use oldrice and beans let me rephrase thatyou’re gonna use dried rice and beansnot once you’ve cooked and have been inyour fridge but you can reuse themseveral times so I’ve been using thesame ones for years that’s what I meanby gold so what I’ve done here is takentwo pieces of parchment paper you canuse foil if you want to but don’t usewax paper because wax paper is coatedwith paraffin which is a petroleumproduct and should never go near heat Itake two crisscross pieces of parchmentpaper – Ansonhere nice little sweet and then so thatyour so on the edges doesn’t Brown tooquickly so I’m gonna have to go back inthe oven usually for baking your custardone thing you’ll notice that make thingseasier freshmen paper okay now my piewait to go in again this is a collectionof dried beans and rice so you can seehere there was a few ceramics pieweights in here that someone gave meyears ago for my birthdaythey’re ceramic be careful with thesebecause if you accidentally eat themthat’s correct too waiting happy sounder for these ends and I’m going to goall the way to the top that’s why thatbead there’s like this necklace thing oflike pie weights that you can buydoesn’t work because you’re mostlylooking to support the edges you don’twant this to fall through so you want togo all the way up with your pie way seehow much is right there I like to go allthe way up to the top even kind offirming up or strengthing up the topsrather than the middle throw this underlike so and bases everybody’s oven isdifferent my oven is like not a greatoven so I’m gonna bake it at 400 but ifyou have a convection oven or anotherthat actually works really well I woulddo this around 375 just until the edgesare barely golden and I’m going to showyou what that looks like in restaurantsall right there we go this is ready toblind bake if you feel like it’ssoftened a little bit before you addedthose in there pop it in the freezer foranother 30 minutes to an hour because ifyour pie crust is released like warm andsoft it’s just gonna deflate and you’renot going to get that lovely crimpingthat you just thought okay alrightwe are gonna take a look at a pie crustthat’s been blind baked for about 20minutes so I’m gonna lift up the piewait and I like to wait about 5 to 10minutes after I’ve taken this out of theoven before I take out the pie wavesbecause it’ll prevent it from somethingyou didn’t want here we are but this isa single blind bake on a pie this is notready this is a very sad Gomi pie stillon the bottom so what you want to do atthis stage is to prick this with a forkand then we’re gonna give it a secondbake so I do a double blind bake alwaysbecause a crunchy bottom crust is reallyreally important nobody wants to eattheir pumpkin pie with like a gummysoggy bottom your ovens on anyway so popit in there and the reason I’m prickingthis is a fork it’s called docking isbecause I don’t want any of the moisturethat’s in here to bow like this on thebottom I don’t want any moisture to gettrapped at the bottom and cause this tobubble up because that’s where I need myfilling to go so pricking it basicallyallows the steam to escape instead ofgetting caught underneath and causingyour dough to bubble up okay so we’regonna pop this in the oven and I’ll showyou a little magic of TV ready there’s acouple of pies that my little one wentahead and um do the crimping on mylittle guy so you can see here thatlittle kids can do this there’s twodifferent times that took them out ofthe oven this right here is adouble-blind baked pie that I would putcustard in and put it back in the oventhis one here is a double-blind bakedpie that’s perfect on the bottom that isgood for pies that don’t get a secondturn in the oven so if I’m doing lemonmeringue pie for example I’ll make lemoncurd I’ll put it in here and do themeringue on top and that’s it look afterI torch the meringue it’s ready to gobecause um it’s fully browned everywhereand nice and crisp and it’s not goingback in the oven soif I had poured some custard into hereit would end up tasting a little bitburnt after we went back in the oven butfor right now it’s just perfectthis one is double-blind baked and readyfor something like a pumpkin filling ora chocolate buttermilk filling will talkabout buttermilk pie a little bit laterbut that is in on the lessons for blindbaking so three stages this one righthere is ready for its second blind bakewe’ve taken the pie weights out it’sgoing back in the oven for about five to10 minutes just until you get to thiscolor here and then it’s ready for afilling or you can go a couple minuteslonger until it’s nice and golden andcrisp like this oneso that you can put a lemon curd insidehere or whatever filling isn’t going toneed to go back into the oven so thatwhen you like put your fork through thatlemon meringue pie the bottom is likesuper flaky and crunchy even though ithad a really soft custard in there sothanks for joining me for this we’regonna be doing double crust pies nextwith the blueberry filling and laterlettuce

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