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How To Bake A Pumpkin Pie 🎃🥧

In this video I am diving into a more visual fun way to bake a pumpkin pie!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome to anothervideo in this video I’m going to bemaking a pumpkin pie because I havenothing better to do and it’s quarantinetime and enough about that emotionalstuffI hope you guys are staying safe you’rekeeping your hands wash you’re nottouching your face you’re staying insideso let’s hop right into it of courseyou’re gonna need your measuringutensils then you are going to need onehundred percent pure pumpkin should havethe directions on the back but if youwant to follow my directions you’regoing to need ground ginger salt mysister ripped off the nutmeg sweetenedcondensed milk cinnamon pie crust eggsto full basically the first thing you’regoing to do mix the wet ingredientstogether so your needle the large whereI forgot a can opener I got it ah becareful with these thingsthey’re very deadly open the can of[Applause]for the pumpkin for the okay scoot thepumpkin into the bowl why it lookspretty cool in the LED lighting okay I’mjust gonna stop then you’re going to putone can of sweetened condensed milk intothe mixture scrape that out too[Music]next of our wet ingredients two largeeggshow do you bring a smaller bowl appearso be rolling touse our brains and I am one of themeasuring cups wash your handsmiddle salmonella you don’t need anotherepidemic Andres I am back then you wantto take your trusty little eggs thenyou’re going to do one teaspoonone teaspoon ground cinnamon[Music][Music]why am I having trouble openingeverything and then you want to finishdirt all around I obviously had too muchtoo big of a bowl for this you know youdo you pour it into here and you stir itall together[Music][Music]once you’re done filling the pumpkincross the pumpkin you’re ready to for meyou’re ready to go downstairs and put itin the oven so let’s go to that preheatthe oven to 425 degrees and put the piein for about 15 minutes then after thatdo sit to 350 degrees and bake for 35 to40 minutes and it should be done by thenthat’s all folks I hope you enjoyed thevideo when I hope your pie came outperfect and I hope this was a little bithelpful for people who needed like avisual kind of thing if you can’t readthere I don’t know but please like andsubscribe for more and leave what youwant me to bake next time down in thecomments

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