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Homemade Choco Pie Recipe | 5 मिनट मे बिना Bake किए आसानी से बनाए kids favourite Lotte Choco Pie

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Hello friends… Today I am sharing in this video recipe of homemade choco pie This is not identical to what we get in the market, but is close to “Lotte Choco pie” This one is pretty easy and quick to make and taste is not compromised at all!!You can make it at home using very few ingredients and whith in 5 minutes or so and it is really a very tasy and super dessert. This chocopie has been made using Marie biscuits and lots of chocolate and milkmaid. Do try this unique recipe and serve these Choco Pie in parties or birthday and your friends will love you for this and if you like it then pls share it and subscribe my channel for more such interesting recipes…………………..

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