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Don’t Bake a Pie Until You Watch This! | U8DAT with Mitchies Munchies

Painting pies are like the only way I want my pies baked and presented now. I am obsessed with the wow factor.

When we were younger I saw a magazine cover with a pumpkin pie on it and leaves that looked like cookies. I convinced my mom to buy the magazine so I could clip the recipe (an amazing habit I started at the age of 6). Back then I was rolling pie scraps into shapes and using a pastry brush to add egg wash that had been tinted with food coloring. Wellllll, fast forward 40+ (cough) years and I see pie artists using all sorts of food dyes, cocoa powders, vanilla extracts, etc to paint their doughs!

Last summer I created a pietrait of Sloth from the Goonies and I was hooked on pie art! In this vid I really wanted a lot of detail but didn’t have the time or strength to individually paint all of them SO I used Kara Shall’s tattoo method (see link below) and to my surprise IT WORKED for multiple colored ink too. Totally bakeable!

Tools and supplies I am using can be found in my shop (like ceramic egg carton, brushes, and edible glue): https://www.amazon.com/shop/mitchiesmunchies

Tattoo method:

NOT SPONSORED, but I used Master Elite powder colors from thesugarart.com com and edible paper and printable edible ink from icingimages.com

Original of the video here

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