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Come bake with me…Apple Pie Bread

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Video Transcription

hey it’s Mindy thank you for joining meon this windy blustery day yeah it’svery windy herecold and windy in the all right so we’regonna make something pretty simple Ithink it’s called apple pie bread applepie bread alright so I think this ispretty easy I got some things preparedalready so you start with a yellow cakemix I got sugar free I figured I didn’tneed that extra sugar so I got sugarfree so we start with the cake mix allright yes I’m gonna have to use this gotsome apple pie filling on it it’salready talked about the apple piefilling here a minute so yellow look I’mmaking a mess going everywhere uh-huhyellow cake mix okay yellow cake mixwhen everywhere okay next thing you needis you need self-rising flour now I knowthat might be a little weird ingredientfor some people to have but I happen tohave self-rising flour I’ve used it onother what’s going everywhere so let’sdo this do that I’ve used it in someother recipes before so I just happen tohave a small bag of it on hand okay nowyou’ll only need a cup one cup of theself-rising flour alright so we’re goingto add a cup of this to our cake mixlet’s see how’s that look looks goodlet’s see look look at that I got a cuphuh alright so we add that then it saysjust sift those togetheralright sift them together there we gookay add our flour to our cake mixI’m not sifting with any fancy sifter oranything like that I’m just mixing themup yeah it’s all I’m doing all rightthen it says to add the wet ingredientswet ingredients would be our eggs andour apple pie fillingnow the apple pie filling when it comesout of the can I just took this knifeand I just kind of cut it up as it wascoming out of the can so you mince it upreally good just mince it up into littlepieces all rightyou don’t want great big huge hunks sothat’s considered a liquid we’re goingto add to our dry ingredients okay sothere we go and then it calls for fourfour eggswell you know me I like my duck eggs sowe’re gonna use duck eggs got a reallybang those puppies right remember I toldyou they got really hard shells so thiswill be and they’re really really reallyrunny like stringy the white all rightthere’s one and I’m just throwing thisall together I’m not doing anythingspecial I’m gonna put all these nicenice thick thick white all right there’stwo here’s the third onereally hard to crack – gotta love a goodduck egg just sold seven duck eggsyesterday yeah got our regular customerwe just he’ll take all of our duck eggsso we just I used to put them onFacebook marketplace and try to getpeople to buy them that way but this guyhe’s just like just call me when youhave more so we just calling all rightso can you see itlook we’ve got eggs we got pie fillingand then we have all those dryingredients in the bottom so we’re justgonnasit up mix it mix it mix it now thismakes two loaves of bread yeah I’m kindof surprised and that’s all the liquidis supposed to take it’s the pie fillingand that eggs which I thought was weirdlike how is that gonna be enough liquidlet’s bust up that yolk how will this beenough liquid to make a nice breadmixture but four eggs that’s a lot ofeggs a lot of white especially usingthose duck eggs that are larger right sowe just mix and mix and mix it’s gettingpretty moist I don’t know if you can seeit but it really is pretty moist I getmost of it mmm it smells like cake youcan smell the yellow cake for sure allright chunky chunky dough because of thepie filling I guess you can you can chopit up as much as you want or as littleas you wantsame thing like when you make bananabread if you really mush up your bananasyou get a really smooth ER bread if youlike it a little chunkier you know leavesome chunks in it up to you then thereyou go it’s kind of mixed up already itmight be a little bit in the bottomthere we go then it calls for one Applenot a large Apple it says a medium Appleokay a medium Apple chopped up so I haveone medium Apple here chopped up I thinkit’s a yellow delicious it didn’t saywhat kinduse your favorite Apple throw it inthere it’s like adding chips orsomething to you know your banana breadjust a little extra something here allright so there’s that and there’s thatand then stir it up really good getthose Apple chunks I cut my Apple chunksup prettythey’re they’re pretty small chunks Ididn’t want great big chunks so there wego it’s all mixed up mix mix mix mix soI mixed up that’s what it looks likechunky Apple brown apple from the piefilling all right now it makes twoloaves I got some morefound some more mix over here in thiscorner that’s okay if you find some moremix even if you get to the bottom andyou still have some dry ingredients justscoop them in with the last little bithey did you hear that my ovens readyyeah we need a new oven it doesn’t liketo light anymore I don’t know one of theburners doesn’t mean ourselves all rightthere we goI’m gonna spray these up oh and then I’mgonna spray them up with my spray justuse some spray I’m gonna spray them upand put that in there and then sprinkleit just sprinkle it with some cinnamonon the top that’s what it says justsprinkle some cinnamon on the top afterit’s in the pants all right I’ll comeback in a minute and show you what thatall looks like all right so they’re inthe pan and here is here is a tool Iwould recommend everybody own is aspatula because when you’re trying toget this mix out of this bowl thespatula will really really help you getit all out spatula you have to have aspatula all right now the other thingthat we do is has sprinkle some cinnamonon top okay so we’re just going tosprinkle a little cinnamonI don’t like it real real cinnamony soI’m just gonna do a light littlecinnamon there we gothat’s probably enough it’s that one canyou see it I think you smell it itsmells really goodthis is totally smelling like an applepie let me tell you what so I put alittle cinnamon sprinkle on the top ofeach loaf and then it says to sprinkle alittle sugar all right so I got my sugarout and it says just sprinkle a littlesugar so we’re just gonna sprinklejust a bit we don’t need a ton rightokayand a little sugar here it’s gonna makeit have a nice little coating on the topyou know a little crispness because thissugars gonna you know do what sugar doesmelt something crisp up yeah it’ll begood all right so I really didn’t makemuch of meth you know what there’s mydirty dishes here’s my bad and I have abowl all right I’m donepretty easy now you need to bake it for35 to 45 minutes on 325 325 not 350normally I big things it’s 350 but thisone calls for 325 35 to 45 minutesthat’s a long range that’s 10 minutesright so I’m gonna set it for 35 minutesand I’m gonna check it and with any goodbread you know it should start to set upand not be jiggly and whatnot so we’llcome back and we’ll show you how itturns out fresh out of the ovenlook at that cinnamon on that tab lookat it cracked in the middle it has likea little crater in the middleI don’t know here’s the other one – no Iwouldn’t did it a little bit but not asbad but mmm it smells so good you guysit smells so good I can hardly wait totry this I’m gonna put dinner in theoven in a minute and we’ll have somenice with dinner my husband will be likeoh yeah okay there you goapple pie bread hmm I’ll let you knowhow it tastes later okaythere you go super easy

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