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Bushcraft: Dry baking a meat pie with a bannock crust

Dry baking a meat pie over the fire has been a goal of mine for a while and I finally had time to give it a go with some bushcraft techniques I picked up over time.
The pie was simple, just a bannock crust with ground beef, peppers, onions and garlic filling and a bit of reconstituted brown gravy powder to moisten it up a touch. Salt and pepper to taste.
Put the crust in the pot of the mess kit, add the filling and seal.
Put a craft wire trivet in the bottom plate of the mess kit and set the pot in the plate, attach the top and submerge in the coals for a half an hour.
I watch a channel called Bushcraft by Des Cattys and I chatted with him about him trying this, he is game and I look forward to watching him bake one up in his Dutch oven.
Here is a link to Des Cattys youtube page.
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Original of the video here

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