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Beurre Bake-Along #6: Cream Pie Variations

For our sixth bake-along Sarah of Beurre Pastry Shop takes us through basic cream pies.

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m super excited about todayI’m gonna give just a little bit of timefor people to get on and then I’ll gothrough the recipe there are somebeautiful things about this recipethere’s no oven hey there’s no flourwhich I didn’t realize when you guyspicked it and there’s one otherabsolutely wonderful thing about thisthat I can’t remember but I’m sure I’llremember as we go because we’ve donesome we’ve we’ve done some both I don’tknow every recipe I think it can besimple and complicated in its own wayand this is the same but it’s sort ofnice we’re giving our ovens a breaktoday where we’re giving the flour abreak today so I’m excited I’m excitedthat we’re doing this I was I’m all it’slike I’m always surprised with whateveryou pick and crap I didn’t see creampies coming um I did want to make surethat no matter which pie you picked Idid something new for myself to actuallyI’ll tell you about it if you had pickeda citrus meringue pie I was gonna go forgrapefruit meringue pie which I’ve nevermade before in lieu of lemon if youpicked a Dutch fruit pie and a Dutch pieis sort of your typical pie crust with afruit filling and then it’s a crumble ontop instead of a double crust or or notopping I was going to do pear becauseI’ve never done that before and then ifyou picked cream pie I was going to do achocolate peanut butter cream pie whichis what I am and you guys don’t have tohave all the ingredients for that onebecause this is a choose your adventurepie day today to some extent what I’mgoing to show you is a graham crackercrust which you’re sort of seasonedveterans in already because you made asimilar graham cracker crust for thes’mores cupcakes and then we have acream filling sort of like a puddingfilling I’m teaching how to make a basicvanilla one and along the way I’ll showyou how to sort of spruce it up towhatever you’re feeling and then awhipped cream on top which you can do ornot if you brought a preemie grahamcracker crust today that’s awesome ifyou broughtRose or vanilla wafers to the scenethat’s awesome I can’t wait to hear whateveryone is making and then if you havelike frozen whipped cream what does thatfrozen cream topping is I would thinkall if you brought that or cannedwhipped cream that’s absolutely fine tooif you brought pudding mix I mean we’rejust we’re having fun and we’re playingaround so let’s get started let me showyou our starting recipe so simple crustthe cookie crumbs I’m using chocolategraham cracker crumbs you can usewhatever you have or whatever youbrought to the table today to thekitchen today for anyone else usinggraham crackers it’s gonna be tensleeves if that’s 10 sheets of grahamcracker basically and we’re going toI’ll come back to that get out someimpressions we’ve been feeling it we’vebeen cooped up I did realize that onepacket of these is nine sleeves I hadbeen normally had fudge it but crustedit’s one of my favorite parts of pie soI’m gonna open a second one and do thefull ten you can cross this however youwant if you want to pull out a foodprocessor go for itI am asking for the old bag um andpresto situation you can use your fistsno judgment you could just massage itI’m gonna use a rolling pin you mightremember doing this when we did s’morescupcakes um hello you know it would benice before we begin is to get ourbutter melted so what six tablespoons iswhat I said you should bring to the tothe table today for the crust it mightit can’t be too much but it might notall be necessary but this way you use afull stick of butter which I thought wasniceso through six tablespoons into themicrowave get it melted and then we’regoing to use the other two tablespoonsin our pudding for later so sweet fat tokeep that out and keep it soft and thatway you know it’s just it felt like itmade it easieryou’re using sticks today sticks ofbutter I’m going to melt that yawns getaggressive aggressive make sure the airis out of your bag or else you’re goingwith popping balloons oh and for itshigh dishes I think I have a 9 inch piepan if you’re using I like to keep oldpie tins like if you’re local and youever go to Heidi’s banana cream pie guysmy favorite dessert right those are notjust don’t think those are 9 inchesevery time I try and make pie and I keepthat I do I didn’t use them it’s just Ialways have leftover filling so if youend up with leftover filling todaythat’s Apatow bleep line just be carefulwhen you’re pouring later that if you’reusing a smaller pie tin you might haveleftover crust or filling also if youdon’t have a pie tin I don’t think thatshould stop you but this has a differentum pan put it in a square pan you youwon’t have the gradual edge you don’tneed a gradual edge you can just layerthis directly in the bottom put thepudding on top and then the first scoopsgonna be rough but this will tastedelicious so just don’t don’t let thatstop you if you don’t have a price pipeplate or need to know the next piece toget one I found this on sale at aHamilton Beach store for ten dollars andit’s like its spur tea and my butter ismelted I like fine crumbs with this it’seasier to put it in the pan that way andyou will i admit though this is theperfect no oven no flower day I feellike we need like ten bowls so get readyI’ll try and tell you when you can reusea bowl though is anyone making anythinginteresting today just you know I’venever made chocolate peanut butter creampie before we’ll see what happens I’mreally excited about it though myhusband just made me banana cream piefor my birthday so even though that’s myfavorite dessert everI thought I shouldand along with you guys if this is yourfirst cream get your fine Russian crumbsinto a bowl and we’re going to stirtogether the sugar and the crumbs beforewe add the butter in just to make sureit’s cohesive and the sugar quantity is1/3 cup granulated sugar we’re going tocombine these two and then we’ll add ourmelted butter you can absolutely do thecrust with Oreo cookies those that findeasier to use a food processor with justbecause of the cream but if you canabsolutely hammer it out by hand withOreo cookies and do it exactly as I’mdoing it right nowI love Oreo cookie press mud pies Mauiwith that Oreo I’d my favorite Mud Pieis Oreo crust coffee ice creamno macadamia nuts and I’m not a nutperson with chocolate sauce and whippedcream on top to me that’s just you can’tget more perfect an Oreo crust for thisone with a coffee filling sound soundsso good if your butter exploited you’renot alone today so did mine okay I havea few big chunks which I’m going to makefiner by hand and after we mix thistogether and if you are nervous abouttoo much butter just add it in I’m bitby bitoh that much to start and see what youwant is for it to come together andbecause this is no oven you’re welcometo par bake this crust actually you’dfully baked because we’re not cookingthe filling um just like the s’morescupcakes I like to freeze my grahamcracker crust and I think all sixtablespoons is safe I’m using saltedbutter today I don’t have unsaltedbutter today so if you are – we’ll justbe light on the salt later and if anyonehas any questions just holler just letme know and let me know if you’re havingany trouble with audio or visual okay sonow we’re going to pour this whole thinginto our pieand I guess this isn’t a ten dish andI’ve seen people I’m gonna do this byhand I use measuring cups to flattenthis I don’t think I have a flatmeasuring cup so that never works for methank youthere’s absolutely not such a thing astoo much butter someone else’s thesecret of life eh men I think a lot ofpeople will agree with us or I’mcompletely biased the company’s name isbutter in French so yeah I’m biasedmine’s coming together really nicelywhat do you want is it packed in a fernnow the things you know what I mean it’ssometimes things don’t work out andthat’s absolutely fine and that’llinclude maybe you cut into your crustlater after your pie is rested and itdoesn’t come out as a crust it comes outas a bottom crumble that should be athing why aren’t bottom crumbles a thingokay I can try I’ll show you what I meanyou might have measuring cup I’ve gotone that’s sort of flat the bigger is ameasuring have the easier umyou because it’s a flat bottom you canpress down a little bit better and it’sround and so that helps with the pieplate the thing is then the size I don’tknow this works you know tryingsomething new live and it works okayunless you stick the side of it in thebottom okay okay and now we’re going tothrow this in the freezer so give it agood wrap and toss it in the freezer andwere gonna make our filling and now youshould know and I don’t have a swap-outtoday that we’re going to make the crustand the filling and then we’re going tolet all of that sit um and we’ll makethe topping before I sign off but I willcome back on either live or just onvideo later today to show you how evermine turns out okay you get a good wrapand after the freezer itgoes no get you’re using differentcookies that’s absolutely fine I’m justtrying to make a peanut butter fillingwith a chocolate crust doing this newand the next partsit looks visually like there are a lotof ingredients and it’s it’s not thatcomplicateddon’t worry oh into the freezer and weare going to Me’s applause we’re goingto prepare all of our ingredients forthis next part in advance because itdoes move a little quickly and there’sit’s always a good idea to get yourselftogether in advance I’m gonna swap outboards and clean up my surface into mygarbage Bowl if there’s one thing youguys keep doing after watching these Ihope it’s using a garbage whole thingsjust the place to put the air about todo it the place to put the eggshell soyou’re not running back and forththrough the garbage you’re not gettingegg whites or yolks or anythingeverywhere okay so next let’s getcracking on the filling so what we’regoing to do is we’re going to combinethe heavy cream whole milka granulated sugar and salts and where Ihave a pen right here so these guys aregoing to go together in a saucepan andthen the vanilla extra I’m sorry theeggs and the cornstarch are gonna dotheir own thing and these guys will comelater at the end so don’t worry aboutthe vanilla extract and unsalted butterI’ll leave this up why don’t you guysget together these first fouringredients into a saucepan and we don’tturn it on because we’ll prep all ourother ingredients first – now I thoughtI might not have enough heavy creamactually okay if you don’t have enoughheavy cream don’t freak out if you havea different dairy I don’t know ifalternatives would work in this casethey might I’m thinking of fat contentas I say that because we’re using prettylike high percentage fat ingredientstoday with this and you know what I’mactually short on milk and I’m gonnareplace it with heavy cream and that’sgonna make one rich filling just aquarter cup extra heavy cream for me soif you’re doing the same thing todayyou’re missing something don’t evensweat it okay and then 1/2 a cupgranulated sugar if you’re having anytrouble seeing the ingredients pleasejust give me a holler I figured it’sbetter for you guys to be looking at theingredients and watching me at timeslike this and then I’m gonna put in alittle less salt just cuz I’m usingsalted butter today you’re welcome to dowhatever you’d like okay I’m back how wedoing we’ve got our first fouringredients in next we’re gonna bedealing with our eggs we need 2 eggyolks so maybe get something to put youregg whites into because they eitheractually useful egg whites if you’remaking meringue if you’re making makrandif you’re making ooh any meringuebuttercream friendsso four egg yolks separate these hairyfish I think I told you I think it’seasier to separate in shell but it’stechnically not as safe with somevanilla concerns you’re not in troubleif you get any white in your yolk you’retotally fine there’s no concern aboutthat today if you do get yolks and yourwhites and you do want to use them laterthey won’t whip just keep that in mindthat’s excess fat that the meringue orwhatever you’re making doesn’t want inthere do you know where I have learnedthat about egg yolks cake cannot believethis cuz I feel like that’s I don’t knowmaybe I’ve just lived under a rock but Ifeel like that I didn’t that wasn’twidely known and I was taking ohgoodnessa middle school I don’t know what didthose call to comment tests or whatever[Music]and there was we had it was like readingcomprehension and we needed to justanswer questions not really that relatedto cooking without the risk ofsalmonella it was just that was it wasfor English seeing with pennies but itstuck with me so hey it really did theirjob okay we’ve got our eggs on the sideyou’re going to get your cornstarch inwith your eggs and let’s cube our butteras well for the end there is it’simportant to have all this ready becauseyou don’t want to be sort of fumblingabout especially when you have somethinglike milk on the stoveoh I’m cannot leave the only personwho’s over boiled milk before this isthe worse it’s like you you were waitingfor it to boil you walked away from onesecond and then it’s everywhere and it’shard to clean up and there’s likethere’s you know technically sugar in itbecause of lactose and that’s just apain so get your butter cubed and thenwe’re going to get our corn starch inand so if you are making sort of achocolate filling you’re gonna add thecocoa powder to the dry ingredients orif you’re using chocolate pieces likeyourcutting up chocolate chunks of you knowa bittersweet bar that’ll go in laterbut right now um we’re gonna put aquarter cup of corn starts with the eggsand whisk that together and then ifyou’re doing cocoa powder which I’m notI’m doing peanut butter filling with thechocolate crust then you will put in thetop chocolate later and the cocoa powdernow quarter cup cornstarch and we’llwhisk this together and we can turn onour burner medium is good what we’relooking for us to dissolve the sugar inhere and you can actually use the samewhisk it’s not a problem so just againand if you’re using cocoa powder it’sgonna be look thicker than what we havehere that’s absolutely fine don’t evenworry about that okayone more thing if you have it get a finemesh strainer and another bowl I knowguys I’m so sorry this is helpful if yougo to the fine mesh strainer don’t worryabout any of it just forget itum I guess you could bring a second Bowlto the mix that you really don’t have todo that is just in case our eggs and noone’s perfect are a cook a little bitbefore we want them to sometimes you canscramble eggs when you’re doing custardsor things like this and so you’ll getthese little bits and it’s edible it’snot a problem sometimes it’s a littleunpleasant texturally so I’m gonnastrain my whole mixture once we’re doneif you don’t that’s the sort of thingtrust me your pie will still be goodyou’re bringing this just to a simmernot to a boil I got a new this pan thispot it’s new I’m really excited about itokay look at us all prepared it’s alwaysgood I have two garbage bowls I justnotice how much garbage Bowlall right we’re getting if you’rewondering about my apron today new apronjane austen center in bath in the UnitedKingdom I’m a big Jane Austen fan I’mactually reading Mansfield Park rightnow with my siblings actually well justwith my sisters though my siblings and Ido have a book club I’m like a 45th booknow it’s a weird one it was my choiceit’s a set of French comic books calledvalerian which the movie was based offof the movie tanked the comic books werepopular when they came out I think inthe 70s and 80s so watch the movie everyyear with my sistersometimes that’s so you just got to doit it did not develop as a cultfollowing it could have for being a notfantastic movie okay okay if anyone hasquestions I thought I saw a question popup just let me know we’re just lettingthe cream we’ve got the milk salt andsugar it’s coming to a simmer and thenI’ll tell you what’s happening nextwe’re going to temper the egg yolks andcornstarch with it in cocoa powder ifyou’re making something chocolaty todayanyways yes Jane Austen sent her in bathit’s really cool actually she’s she’sburied in Winchester not in bath but sheloved baths and so all of the quotes onmy apron are from a different book byher and that features bath I have notread all of her books I’ve not readpersuasion a lot of people watch it oneday I’m going to but I highly recommendbath it’s super cool they’ve got ittowards Roman baths and you can pay apound to drink it and I course they do Imean when in bath drink the bath waterokay mine’s getting there it’s almoststeaming and ceilings good steaming iswhere we want to be if anyone hasquestions Oh cocoa powder if you’redoing cocoa powder anywhere from twotablespoons to a quarter cup if you wantto chocolate if you a quarter cup and ifyou if you’re doing a combination youcan do maybe two tablespoons cocoapowder and then later on when we’readding flavorings you can do somechopped chocolate if you have anythingI’d say probably semi-sweet or darker issafe I don’t know about throwing milkchocolate in the ratio there betweencocoa and everything else is differentokay okay oh I used to whiz because Itold you that then I used to whisksmyself it’s like oh this is a littlecraving this noise I have a rubber whiskthat I was going to use okay it’s juststeaming and that means it’s time totemper now be careful as you do thiswhat you’re going to do is drizzle justa little bit or maybe half a cup but youhave to be whisking as you go so you’regonna be whisking your cornstarch andegg mixture and then drizzle what you’redoing is you’re trying to not get theeggs to cook but we’re gonna just incase we’re I’m gonna strain it anywaysso you’re trying to bring them up to thetemperature before adding it all back inand you will need a spatula hereeventually oh rightjust a little more and then we’re gonnathrow it all back in and we’re gonnabring it up to a boil and we’re gonnawatch it thicken which is prettyspectacularbefore this ever started I was trying tolook up the difference between a puddingand a custard because I realized thenyou’re gonna whisk as you put it backinto I realized they didn’t know and Iwas using them interchangeably and I wascurious it’s like the difference betweenspatula it’s great here the differencebetween jam jelly and compote I lookthat up a few years ago umokay then I guess a custard doesn’t useany starch to thicken we’re usingcornstarch you can use flour forinstance I should have said that if youdon’t have cornstarch today flour shouldwork just fine because we’re cooking andI think one for one I mean if it doesn’tthicken you can always add more mybrother recently Tom and I don’tremember the term but this techniquewhere you mix see Jacob you mix flourwith butter until it becomes sort ofthis like clay it’s softer than clay Iguess and you throw in little pieces andwatches it thickens and sort of decidewhen it’s the thickness you like andthat’s what we’re gonna do here now youwant this to set once it’s in the fridgeso that’s something to keep in mind sothis is too watery for instance I thinkyou can see how watery this is it’s justdripping so we’re looking for this toget thick now the thickening agents inthis corn starch for sure and eggactually so custards only use eggs asthickeners I’m which end they end upfirmer so I really got a look into thatI thought that was fascinating I don’tknow I love reading about this stuff mydad always said growing up like the Iswear he said this he’s probably be likeSarah I never said that um I can seesort of mine clumping a little bit whichwould be the eggs but it is thickeningand we’re going to strain so don’t freakout um my dad always said sort of likeif you want to learn about somethinglike subscribe to a magazine and read itevery month you know I do love going upit’s you okay mine is so nice and thickit’s gonna take over to about a minuteminute or two I just turned off my heatto make sure this doesn’t scald but it’sstill gonna thicken as it’s still hotwhoo and right now it’s very I mean it’sit’ll be very plain I think it shinesonce the vanilla is added and I like alot of vanillaI’m adding a lot today and this is why Iwanted our butter cubes because of theprocess that’s coming up we’re going torun this through the fine mesh strainerif you have one if not we’re going topour this into a bowl and then throw thebutter in and throw the vanilla in andthen we’re going to throw our flavoringsin and if you’re just making a just avanilla cream pie awesome that soundsdeliciousokaywoohoo this is good for meso next step make sure you have a keeperspatula you’re going to either put thisin a bowl or throw it through the finemesh strainer as I am going to do and itjust so you know your strainer willcollapse you just pick it right back upyou know what I mean it’s not it’s notthe end of the world collapse beingit’ll fall into the bowl why I’msurprised mine hasn’t yet my bowls justa little too big for the strainer getevery good bit out of this again thisstuff is not necessary it’s just if youended up with some cooked egg okay setthis guy off we’re done with you guyswe’re done with heat I can’t evenbelieve it that’s one reason I wasthrilled when you picked cream piebecause it is it’s a little differentthan everything else we’ve done which ifyou are new it to this um goshchildren’s gonna have to help me a weakone we made scones week – we made Irishcoffee cream puffs week three we made ohmy goodnesswe did shortbread oh right custard piesthe best I feel like it’s underrated I’mfeeling a banana cream pie fan I don’tmean many a meat to many other peoplewho think banana cream pie is theabsolute best dessert ever invented thematter what okay so we’ve got luscioussmoothcream and literally what I’m gonna tellyou do is just drop those pieces ofbutter right on top and they’re going tomelt as we stir so slowly I’m sayingslowly so does doesn’t spray anywhereand if yours isn’t looking this thick oryou’ll notice it’ll loosen a little bitas the butter melts that is what ourchill time is for latereverybody likes chill time includingcream pies it just wants to chill out inthe fridge okay and now we’re going toadd in our vanilla it’s two teaspoons ofvanilla and that was two tablespoons ofbutter unsalted resulted whatever you’redoing today and if anyone has anyquestions that’s why I lean over insteadguys I’m just making sure I’m notmissing anyoneso get your vanilla in here now ifyou’re making coconut cream pie todaythere are some excellent coconut creampie recipes where you use coconut milkwe’re just doing basic vanilla you canabsolutely look those up because I betthey’re probably if you’re a hugecoconut them even more stellar now’s thetime to add in your coconut if you’reusing coconut whether it’s our I wouldrecommend sweetened coconutexclusively by sweetened flaked coconutfor everything that I make but itdoesn’t matter if you’re using meltedchocolate and now’s the time to add itin and let it if you’re using pieces ofchocolate now is the time to add it inand let it melt and I’m using peanutbutter I’m going to add that in now Ihave sort of I don’t know maybe aquarter cup here I’m gonna throw in twotablespoons at first just see howbecause again I’m me it’s my first timemaking this right now I’ve never made apeanut butter cream pie before Oh smellsso good oh my goshI know this peanut butter smells reallystrongly I might drink all on a day withthe amount that I added Ohoh my goodness what’s everyone elsemaking – did anyone bring berries to thescene or banana Google get there we willget there if you did with berries youcan either put them in the base of thepie crust before pouring the puddingover or you can pour the pudding inchill it and then right at the enddecorate with it so it’s totally up toyou oh it smells so good so now we’regoing to let this cool just a bit beforewe throw it into the pan first while weprep our whipped cream ingredients we’regonna let this sit out and then we’llthrow it into a pie crust into thefridge and we’ll actually do our whippedcream one thing to note these guys toboth the skin and it can’t be mixed backin or anything like this you actuallywant to press plastic directly to thetop and this goes for any sort ofputting or custard you’re making ifyou’re making a pastry cream you have todo thisand it seems gross but Reds crossed meit’s it’s the thing to do and then giveit another wrapping right over the topif you have any on the walls it’sbasically what I’m trying to avoid andit still won’t cool as quickly this waybut that’s totally fine we just want itto come down a little bit before we tossit in a frozen crust just set it asideabsolutely just set it aside and let’sget on with whipped cream now withwhipped cream I think I’ll do it by handI’m only laughing because is that reallythe right man I’m so lazy with thisstand mixer I don’t like whipping it outI have a hundred thousand bowls sowhipped cream let me get that back upfor you with the whipped cream these aremy measurements again if you’re usingcan use the can if you if you have aspecific measurement you like I likeheavy vanilla and I like it sweetened soit’s just combined these in a bowl andwhip them until however you will like itso if that’sif go for it if you like it looserthat’s fine this will not be used untilour pie has chilled I just want to makesure it’s prepped so that once the pieis ready you guys can eat right away andsome vanilla also if you’re making adifferent type of whipped cream ifyou’re like going for I don’t know anespresso whipped cream go for it whatI’m always looking for is to give you abase for you to complete it stand uponand make your own in every singlepossible way I haven’t done that I’vefailed so please make each part of thisabsolutely your own and then I want tohear exactly what you say I think that’sthe best partyeah if you have any questions alwaysjust holler out and I will be whippingthis by yeah it’s literally it’s sofunny because it’s the same amount of umit’s the same amount of tools and yet Idon’t know oh I’m glad if anyone is yesall of these videos if you are justwatching now and you’re not baking alongthat’s totally fine I like to do it thisway because I know it’s a different whenyou’re watching someone do somethinglive plus I don’t know hopefully it’shumanizing I do this for work and I justmake mistakes all the timehere’s that’s fine I mean I care if it’sfor work I fix kind of things especiallywith home baking like that’s the chanceto really play around I am if you’re umoh I should say if you are looking forthe other this is week number 60 guys ifyou are looking for the other videos youcan find them on the website under bakealong demos you can find them onFacebook some of them are on theInstagram IG TV the reason some of themartists because we went over an hourmy fault and I’m I’m not sure I want toedit them down from that oh my goshyou’re so sweet I’m so glad anyone isenjoying this I enjoy it trust me plusyou guys force me to sort of branch outand think of new ideas I’m not sureabout next week yet I was again shockedyou could pie savory scones where werethe runner-up so different pies aresavory scones I mean it’s really fun toknow that that’s sort of the breadth ofthe audience so I’m thinking of puttingthat up what I was thinking of doing isfinally showing how to make puff pastryby hand but instead of doing it livebecause it takes too long I couldactually just host the video at 2:00p.m. next Sunday and then you guys canmake it as you go you could spend a weekmaking one batch of puff pastry if youwanted to move that slowly you can makepuff pastry in a day there’s just a lotof resting and we don’t need to sit witheach other for four hours all rightmine I like it yeah like that okay and Iam flinging cream everywhere and I amgoing to put mine in a piping bag forlater so I can decorate later on butagain this won’t be going on the pie yetthe pie hosta chill so what we’re gonnado I just wanted to make sure you hadyour whipped cream ready we are going tofill our pies and do the fruit andwhatever everyone is doing todayand we’re going to put them in thefridge for three to four hours to makesure they set in three to four hoursI’ll either go live finish it up cut itmaybe it said maybe you didn’t or I willpost a video but same thing maybe I’llset maybe it did it I’m not gonna lie toyou guysand I’m saying this because I’m gonnamake it a little decorative you can justleave this in the bowlwrap it up throw it in the fridge andthen like dollop it on per slice I meando whatever you’d like okay get this setand then I’m putting my whole bag intothe fridgeI like to wrap the end in plastic umjust so that air doesn’t get in throughthat way but it’s typically not aproblem especially if you serious testsqueeze the first batch I can’t find myI think I told you guys is I can’t findmy pastry scraper right now so you justuse a spatula you can’t see what I’mdoing just use a spatula get the whippedcream to the top of the bag all rightfold this over put a little plastic wrapon the end and we will finish up ourcream pies this I mean okay yes you haveto have patience when it comes to thisthe last one just the waiting but youcan make this in a half hour in themorning and then have cream pie fordessert that night oh hey so my artcream is gonna go rest in the fridge andit’s time to pull your crust out of thefreezer it’ll make some room for itperfect all you guys have to maket-shirts that say garbage ball on itsomeone this past week said oh remind meset up the our motto while doing berbayKong’s should be make a mess orsomething like thatso what tell me what it was well thatwas hilariousI totally agree make a mess this is yourcreation hey mine is still my puddingthe peanut butter pudding is still alittle warmer but it’s absolutely fineand there’s one thing about this portionyou don’t have to worry about how youwrap it because after you’ve decoratedit that can set the problem myrecommendation after we’ve made itbeautiful is you can put the pie dish ifyou don’t have a lid into a deeper dishand wrap the deeper dish and that worksgreat I’m using an offset against thisfor edit remove both pieces of plasticdon’t worry I don’t knowyou can try to reuse it it just seemslike a pain doing itthis smells like peanut butter heaven Ican’t I wish there were why isn’t that athing that you need to be able to smellthis is so goodpour it right in Oh get in this crustsmells so good okay get every bit outguys if you don’t have a rubber spatulathat’s not I’m gonna tell you to getimmediately get a rubber spatula it’sthe most useful thing you want it to beflexible um it’s very helpfulokay I’m gonna spread this and then ifit mine doesn’t reach the top of thecrust but we’re gonna add whipped creamso don’t worry about anything you canpossibly done wrong if you are theperson who has a pie tin that’s not bigenough to hold this you can put it in ain a cup and put it in the fridge andeat it with whatever you get forbreakfast call it yogurtno judgment now if you are using bananasI should have already mentioned this youcan put them in the bottom you can putthem now you can put them in the middleyou can mix them into your puddingdecorate with berries on top totallyyour call if you are using coconut todayand you want to decorate it with toastedcoconut which you have time to do takesome coconut at 350 in the oven I knowyou you coconut people you’ll be usingthe oven if you want to coconut and thenyes it’s keep a watchful eye but in adifferent way you want to stir thecoconut every 5 minutes it Browns superquickly but you can make some delicioustoasted coconut there I saw there are 2other ways to make toasted coconut can’ttell you how microwave I think I’ve donein it doesn’t actually get crispy whichis all I’m looking for it toastedcoconut yes by a rubber spatulaabsolutely and any type I recommend twodifferent types heat proof get aheatproof spatula there’s almost noreason to have a spatula if you can’tuse it only thing but this one forinstancethis says butter y’all my I think it wasmy mom and sister we’re eating at PaulaDean’s restaurant I have a buttery allapron – um this one is half spoon andstraight edge rounded edge somethinglike this works and then any heatproofspatula even if it’s just uniform get itabsolutely okay same trick here thiswill form a skin – we’re not out of thewoods until you put whipped cream or thewhole pie you’re not really out of thewoods so just it has to set let it setlet it cool down then you’ll be good youdo want to make sure every inch of it iscovered with plastic and then throw usagain sheet of plastic over the wholething rightif you have a hot stove don’t putplastic on it okay oh the crust is girland then this goes into the fridge andyou’re looking at about a three to fourhour wait we if you’re on specific timeit’ll be ready in time for dessert andif you’re on any other time eat dessertall hours of the day cares we’re stillin quarantinedo I have berries I guess I could havemade it you like that I tried somethingnew today otherwise we’re done I can’teven believe it look at that what is it40 42 minutes and we’re already donewe’ve got a pie in the freezer in therefrigerator don’t know about freezingthis so you know with leftovers it isbest eaten day of absolutely keeps for afew days it’s it’s not it’s there’ssomething about it I don’t know why whyit doesn’t taste quite as strong but itkeeps don’t just throw it out tomorrowand I will be back and we will decoratemine and pull it out and see whathappens and try it and everything inabout I’ll probably do it in three hoursI’ll check it and then I’m feeling likeI won’t go live again but I will post avideo on Facebook and Instagram andotherwise does anyone have any questionsbefore I go me either I’m super excitedto see what this looks like like we’llwe’ll see it smells heavenly the peanutbutter chocolate I’m really glad I diditum and if anyone’s having any trouble oranythingyou can DM me or tag me in a post orright through the contact page on thewebsite send a video of the mess that iswhat’s happening in your kitchen rightnow because of something I said um ifyou’re not on the email list I’mlaunching a new product if you didn’thear the announcement from last week’semail I’m announcing on social mediasometime this week I’m super excitedabout that you definitely want to signup go to the contact page of BIR pastryshop calmthat’s be EU rre this guy up here apastry shop calm the new product is sofun I’m really excited about it it’s acookiespoiler alert and it’s it’s fun it I Iwas in the grocery store buying somestuff and I saw this thing and I waslike that has to go in a product and soit’s in a product otherwise show me yourresults in a few hours if I see anypictures of pies now I’ll know that youcheated or goodness you cut and maybe itworked and that’s amazing but in a fewhours send me your results I want tohear what you made and how it went and Iwill see you next week in one way oranother if it’s puff pastry in apre-recorded video or something else butthank you for joining oh oh probably ifnot next week I’ll see you back live intwo weeks so we’ll see but until thenstay connected at Burger pastry shop onFacebook and Instagram and you canalways hit the website if you need tocontact Mary you want like shipping ordeliveries or anything like that I’lltalk to you later bye

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