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Best Vegan Raspberry Cranberry Pie Recipe

Best Vegan Raspberry Cranberry Pie Recipe-SugarFree Option by omitting Cranberry Ingredients and adding Monk Fruit

One package Immaculate Ready to Bake Pie Crusts

One pie dish

One Pound Package Cascadian Farm Organic Red Raspberries
or 4 packages of Organic Fresh Raspberries

1/8 cup Organic Tapioca (optional)–if using the whole cranberry sauce not necessary

12-16 oz of Organic Whole Cranberry Sauce (optional-you can simply make a Raspberry Pie, but I recommend this combo for the Holidays as it is beyond delish and festive!

1 teaspoon of Organic Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients together and pour into pie, bake at 400 for 40 minutes-since we live in High Altitude cooking times can vary, so check it after 20 minutes-if edges are getting too well done, cover edges only with Parchment Paper and continue to cook checking every 10 minutes until you see the fruit bubbling and the center of the crust is slightly golden.

If you omit the Cranberry Sauce and simply make a Raspberry Pie use 1 Cup of MonkFruit

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Video Transcription

welcome to another vegan recipe editionof great help abundant happiness andoutrageous love oh this is my favoritetoday your favorite this is also what Imake everything giving this is todaywe’re going to make a raspberrycranberry vegan pie and we were supposedto have dinner guests last night butthat didn’t happenso I didn’t make it but I’m making ittonight and basically what I love aboutthis is this is a four to fiveingredient recipe that’s it’s so simpleand you know I’m gonna call this youknow semi-homemade semi from scratchbecause I am NOT going to make my piecrust this company immaculate does amuch easier job then I would do if youare on a no oil type of program thisproduct does have oil in it so you’regonna want to skip the crust or maybe dosome what kind of oil like it’s avegetable oil it’s got a vegetable oiland I believe there’s maybe some palmoil in there as well but it is a veganproduct now the other option is this isalso a gluten product so I will only beable to eat the inside of this pie whichis okay because Jeffrey loves theclassic so I’ve already laid out what’sgreat about this it comes with two soyou’ll have your bottom and your top soI’ve already laid out the bottom andI’ve got my raspberries here and I havesought them out I just find it’s alittle bit easier a little less you knowwhen the liquid you can see that theliquid separating so I’ll scoop it outand determine how much of that liquid Iwant to use and I am using I’m youthis Cascadia farm organic frozen redraspberries normally I would use freshraspberries but in light of what’s goingon in the world right now I was not ableto find fresh raspberries at the grocerystore so I felt pretty fortunate to findthe frozen ones I’m also using somewhole cranberries again organic and Inormally am NOT a big fan of cans so Iwould usually go to Whole Foods and theyhave a boxed version however sometimesit’s difficult to find so again I feltpretty lucky to be able to findcranberry sauce at all since it’s notnear the holidays usually I will stackup during the holidays and then I’ll beusing a little bit of organic lemonjuice just a teaspoon of that and somemonk fruit if you’ve not tried monkfruit it is wonderful let’s want to justlet this go down here for now I justwant to read real quickly about the monkfruit because I’ve learned this as wellso over a thousand years ago in remotemountain highlands of Asia buddhistmonks achieved enlightenment throughmeditation prayer and pure living themoths discovered a rare fruit prized forits sweetness this secret fruit wasnamed monk fruit and was used in elixirsto increase Chi or life energy and soit’s super delicious it has zero effecton the glycemic index so if anybody hasissues there that’s great it’s just agreat alternative to sugar and it’s onecup of monk fruit would be equivalent tousing one cup of sugar now it won’t beusing much of this because the cranberrysauce that I purchased does have sugarin it already I do like this brandbecause sugar is not the main ingredientcranberries are but I don’t think I sawthat crossthat’s not you know it usually is but sofar right exactly and what I usually useis the whole foods organic boxedcranberry sauce so this is super simpleI’ve got everything measured out that’sit okay so I am going to scoop theraspberries oops I’m gonna scoop them into the cranberry sauce and the reasonI’m doing it this way and really Ishould have done these bows the oppositeway so now I’m gonna be in a little bitof a conundrum kinkle a little bit of apick on here so the reason I do that isbecause I really don’t want all of thisjuice in at my time so what I’m gonna dois just drain a little bit since I’mgonna have to go back to this big dishso sometimes I make mistakesand I think it’s okay that we all knowthat in cooking anything goes don’t beafraid to make a mistake it’s stillgonna taste delicious so I’m now goingto pour the cranberry sauce in here withmy raspberries I have got about ateaspoon of the lemon juice alreadymeasured out so I’m just going to addthat in there as well and then youreally need to be somewhat gentle whenyou stir this the frozen raspberries arealready kind of in pieces so it’s reallydelicious when you can get fresh organicraspberries but that wasn’t an optionand normally I might add some organictapioca I was gonna ask you about thatbecause I didn’t see it okayI wasn’t going to go back out and fightthe crowds at the store and I also feltthat there is probably let’s see thereisn’t sometimes there’s pectin yeah yeahyeah so that’s all right I pour that inthere and then you just gonna put thetop on bake it at what 350 well in thealtitude and they’ve actually recommendthat everyone bake it at 400 check itafter about 15 minutes and if your cruststarts getting a little bit dark you canturn it down or you can put someparchment paper over the edge of thecrust which sometimes I’ll do that ohthis is so simple I’ve never reallywatched you make it from start to finishas closely as this I know is this easyand my favorite pie why do I have towait so long for the next one okay and Ilove about it it does look like thecrust is homemade even though it reallyespecially yellow geez sunny outsideacross that makes it look exactly andagain I didn’t use the mom fruit in itbecause I had the whole cranberry sauceno if you just want to make a raspberrypie I would add about probably 3/4 of acup of the mom fruit into that mixtureand if you like it a little bit sweeteryou can add up to a cup if you like itless sweet and more tart than I would gowith a half a cup that’s ityou do want to take a knife and make apretty design not because it’s prettybut so that your pie doesn’t explodethat just releases lets the steamrelease we’re going to put this in theovenand we’ve got it on 400 convection bakeand you’ll get to see what it looks likewhen it’s all done if Jeffrey doesn’tget to it first wishing you great healthabundant happiness and outrageous lovefrom the kitchen at Copper Mountainthat’s greateggs

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