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BANOFFEE PIE with homemade caramel | NO bake NO Condensed milk | 4-ingredients only

♡ Very easy and affordable dessert, creamy and yummy Banoffee Pie❤.

♡Step-by-step guide in the video♡

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Main Ingredients
0:55 – How to layer it
2:55 – Bon Appetit😋
3:20 – In smaller dessert bowls
4:08 – Bon Appetit😋
4:45 – Crush your Grahams
6:30 – Whip the cream
7:20 – Prepare the bananas
8:13 – Make a homemade caramel


• 3 cups ALL PURPOSE CREAM or nestle cream
• 1 cup homemade CARAMEL sauce
• 4 pieces bananas (ripe)

••• You must taste it after adding all the ingredients to see if any adjustments are needed for your taste.

••• Any recipe is a general guideline, what it tastes like when it gets served is on the person that prepares it😘

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°°°I am a MATIPID MOMMY, so I always try to make every meal and snacks/desserts as budget-friendly as I can. But I also make it sure to never compromise the taste, and make it even yummier than expensive recipes! It does not hurt to save a few cents, that is, for bigger plans and projects! If you know what I mean, then let’s be good friends♡°°°

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