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Baking Pies Ends With Screams

I go to grandmas house to bake Thanksgiving Day pies with her. We spend hours baking pies together and had a lot of fun, until this happened! The wonderful day ends in screams! I love my family and so thankful to be reunited with them this year, after living abroad for 10 years. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Hadar, Andrea, Rafael, Abigail, Kitty & Rudy!
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Video Transcription

good morning I’m going to my mom’s todayto make pies with her for Thanksgivingthat we’re gonna have tomorrow no one inmy house is up right now I don’t knowhow Rudy keeps getting the ball thatchuck it ball out in the road I don’thave to come pick that up when he letsthe dog out this morning it is so coldout here and it’s Florida so you’reprobably like no but it is it is to me Ijust took a shower so a little bit of myhair is still wet but I’m gonna go to mymom’s house I’m going to really enjoy itshe’s probably already been up for likethree hoursI have not however because I didn’t goto sleep until late of course so let’sgo over there I’m gonna happen oh andwe’re baking pies did I tell you thisdoor wasn’t shut a good thing my lightscoming on and I don’t have a deadbattery oh okaygood battery in here let’s gookay we got eggs separated we’re gonnamake a cherry dream pie here or wash herback thereshe said it’s fixing to break so here’sthe cherry dream pie and it doesn’t havecherry in it it’s like a cream pie rightnow and then we’re gonna put somecherries on it[Music]Oh[Music]I thought you just stared cookie on juststaring at ya okayall right here’s those pies they have tocool for an hour before we put thecherry on it I’m making the fillingmaking in five pies we were making sixbut now we’re making five she’s makingthe crust for the pumpkin pie and whatyou’re hearing is the washer all rightgot three dips so far gotta cook themshe’s gonna put the pumpkin pie spice onthem is she kidding ready for a wholetable full of piesall right I’m dipping the pie juice intoit all right I’m making a cherry pie nowyummy and put it in the oven for a babyin me so she puts milk and sugar on thetop of it well makes a good crustokay we had a mishap my eyes are burningI had to scrape the pumpkin pie off ofthe thing because these have holes inthem and we didn’t realize that thisisn’t goodso almost ruin two pies she’s gonna getsome more pies stuff out of there but Ihad to scrape that all off this thingand it burnt right thereleave this pie pan let’s go holes in itand it leaked and it bubbled over andjust ain’t right but look at that that’sbeautifulcool bleep own it yes I do you like fullflavor leo yeah yeahlook at those pies we have to eat someof our labor yummy yeah I just got donesticking my head in the oven scrapingthis stuff out it turned into black dustso I had to sweep it out anyway shegonna come in with some cool and it’sgonna be delicious all of her pies arealways really really goodreal cool hwhip oh look it’s spelledwith a H dummy hey Choji no ready-whipwas spelled WIP ever bought ready flipyeah bet you’ve seen it yeah I’ve neverI didn’t know me WIP I said wait oh mygoodness it looks good here you go thankyouso I come home to this I’m not trying towear it hanging my clothesOh trying my clothes on yeah hang on myclothes up so I got a pile over therethat is for next size down that I gotfor my mom good morning waiting for spotto read a spot or to get a spot on thebed boy okayshe’s waiting patiently oh hi I wasn’thiding I’ll do it I won’t yeah so mymommy’s home I heard you Hey just tookme a while to get up and say hi are youdoing wellso was that my mom’s all day I lovebeing over there I love cooking with herI hate cooking but with her it’s fun soand she’s like she’s just like me youknow we’re exactly like we’re we’re soalike we say the same things we forgetthe same things we do the same thingsit’s funny we have a good time so Zebcame he was like he works so he’sresting he’s chilling and then he cameright before I had to get my words hecame right before I had to leave sowhile I was driving over here theycalled and said hey where’s my mommy Iguess they were missing me and Rudy wasin the house the entire time so I guessshe was missing me tooshe was whining but yeah I left I leftmy family for six hours by themselves iscrazy and I came back and they hadsurvived it’s amazingwhose movie when I said where’s mommy Ohwho’s mommy oh you forgot who I was Wow[Laughter]yeah yeah well they were asleep when Ileft we had to sleep in the living roombecause Rudy the cat and Rudy were justlate chasing each other all nightit was very irritating I don’t know ifHadar remembers this last night but yeahthe cat in and out in and out of here inand out in and out and the dog makingthat noise all night so you have to likesplit them up there’s no way that we canlike shut this because there’s a windowover there where the cat can just jumpover to ledge and then shield jump upand down jump up and down so there’sthere’s like no way that we can closeoff this room but they were wreakinghavoc on our sleep last night and then Igot up this morning I really wanted togo over there I wanted to get out belike 4:00 in the morning because Ifigured my mom would already have piesmade by time I got there but she waitedfor me so and yeah everything’s good mydad changed the oil and his van andactually remembered the numbers to pushto take the light off oh and I asked wehave the check gauges light on you’vegot like an oxygen sensor in there andoh you didn’t oh okay well he said itwas probably the oxygen sensor and youhave to take it to the dealership orwhatever and then they have to put acode in to take the check gauge lightoff because they have to set it up to amachine or something and check anywaywe have a Perez’sand I’ve been meaning to do this forseveral days now it is from cami andSadie and you guys know them and it’s acrazy present and she did apologize tome for sending it it’s a crime neverseen something like this before ever letme read what it saysa gift from cami for Abigail and Raphaelhave fun with this outside sorry Andreabut it’s so cute if it makes you feelbetter I did get one for Sadie too lovecami and Sadie thank you very muchthat’s it’s it is very cute but let’ssee how it works I really couldn’t finda good place to like open this up at sowe’re gonna try here and hopefully noone calls about the noise oh yeah isthat all it isit’s it’s a spider it’s a spider can youtell the that happy face back thereit’s called jelly’s jelly’s the louderyou yell the faster they go oh yeahlet’s try it[Laughter]yeah yeah Latta so this thing it gotKitty not just out of her sleep yeah Ihave to go protect my family screamscream that she knows him yeah yeah sheshe doesn’t really care if she does ifshe screams she’s like yeah that’s likeher yeah[Laughter]our neighbors are gonna call us let mesee yes they get it one day he wouldhave meltdowns yeah I never helped no nono no our neighbor is going to be sofreaked out he is we have one neighborokay one the really people that live inthis community don’t actually live herethese are like vacation yeah I had aquestion for you before you go to sleepso do you think you’re gonna have a lotof fun tomorrow you know what tomorrowisI feel tomorrow is Thanksgiving dinneryou’re going to Grandma so I’m gonnahave lots of fun yeah we have a spideryeah Thank You kami and Sadie Thank Youme thank you telling you to go to sleepokay well I’ll see you tomorrow dinnertoday we’re gonna go to my mom’s houseI’m getting a new wardrobe we’re gettinga tree look at the pretty tree girlsstart going camping and having fun as afamily thank you[Music]

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