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Baking a Peach Pie (Gone Wrong!!)

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]what of you guys was came so for today’svideo I am going to be baking my familya dessert and I’m not that very good inthe kitchen if you know me that well youwould know that I’ve hurt Brent Burtonbut you know I just didn’t make I didn’ttoast a bagel right let’s be real and Iwhen I was little I didn’t make amicrowaveable macaroni and cheese cupcuz I forgot to put the water in and Idon’t read directionsso hopefully this turns out well we’llsee what happensbefore I can hold the video please likesubscribe and comment down below[Music]I’m making a peach pie but it’s going tolook like a tart you know what let’sjust go with peach tart what Steve ESPwhen flower sure into the blender shakeif neededoh okay you know what it’s writing I wasbreaking up I keep the breaking apart 75years later it is not look betterI got a wonky thought that was my bloodit’s just she just sit them in[Music]yes hopefully this tastes good righthere we gohere we go yo[Music]some koi fishuntil one morning and it takes one who’sfresh out of a jar well let’s put thisback in the oven and try again okaycan we slow our slices back in no no youonly cooked it with taste really good myprofessional opinion is your test itwent well no I have a job I don’t knowfive rater yeah it’s out of five two anda half yeah I think it would be reallygood if number Laurie okay yeah I knowI’m going to go with the tuna five if weif we already work it’s also criterialike as a pie it’s a 2.5 but if it was ajar with some pieces with some cinnamonon top I’d give it a five it sure istake twoso make at the end of the day still alittle undercooked yepwe put it back in like 15 minutesright no I understandyeah it’s now moved up to a3 conclusionnot great but edible edible yeah I didit everything that a bull hey that isnot true that other one was not simplenow it’s right in edible[Music]you

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