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Baking a Lemon Meringue Pie for Mother’s Day!!

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Video Transcription

hi everybody it’s audrey from big myworldhappy mother’s day i love my mom she’sso nicehi mom she just looked at me okayso for family members special eventsi usually make cakes that look like thisor this or maybe eventhis but my mom she hasshe’s not really fond of cakes but sheloves piesthat’s why two years ago i made thisone year ago i made this and todayi’m going to be making drum roll pleasea lemon meringue pie so let’s get[Music][Music]startedokay so today i’m using all recipesrecipesshout out to them they’re not sponsoredthoughokay so here we have oursugar flour cornstarchfour um lemons are zested and juicedbutter water and salt and twopans this recipe actually only makes onebut i’m doubling it you know big familysoit says in a medium saucepanthat to me needs itself so let’s go overthereokay so here i’m going to make the lemonfillingfirst we’re going to mix togetherone cup of sugartwo cups in my case because you know youknowand then we are also going to addthe flourthe cornstarchaway with you andjust put roughlya half teaspoon of saltthen we’re going to mix itperfect then we are going to addin the wateryou know the stove isn’t even on yet butokay and thenthe lemon juice lemon zest which took mea really long timeand you go freeze audrey quick side notewhen you’re zesting things you want totry and only get the surface area whenyou’re gratinganother the bitter white stuffunderneath because that can affect yourbakingcontinue and thenwe’re just going to cook this overmedium-high heattill it comes to a boil and i’ll giveyou a cool aerial view[Music]that looks pretty hot to me so now as itsays we are going to take a cup of thisget in the measuring cup pleasewhatthis is so hard that’s a half cupit’ll work and we put it into theseegg yolks just like thatand we’re just gonna put a little bitmore in it because of my measuringfailureremember krusty’s pancake mix[Music]now just gonna whisk it upuntil it’s ooey gooey gooeyoh wait some more egg yolks come on outof thereokay and now we are goingto whisk this into thisthis is like chemistry my favorite classwhat am i saying i don’t take chemistryi think science i’m in seventh gradewell not for long i’m about to be ineighth grade i’m alsoabout to be thirteen four dayswatch out for that videowe’re going to whisk thisand tell ohwe also have to whisk in the butterfloopthis is a fourth cupno four tablespoons that’s right fourtablespoons of butterit says two tablespoons but doubling therecipeand so we’re just going to get thisblock of butterall melted up okay so now this mix isall nice and thickwe’re going to pour it into my twopreparedpie tins i actually just gotfrom a tv i love heb it’s all new texasthing thoughso if you don’t live here it’s likebasically like the main grocery storeoopsiesokay and we’re just going to pour it inand try to make itevenjust like this this is lookingreally good it’s like pretty full whichis nicebecause like the meringue is gonna takeup a lot of space alsoso let’s just get thishave to go cool down way over thereand we’re going to spread it out allnicelyand now you guysfelicia hasn’t been in my vlogs for soso long so if you’ve never met her drumroll pleasefelicia helloit’s your turn to shine you’re going tobe whipping egg whites againso unlock you here we haveeight egg whiteswe’re going to put them in there turn iton really high speedand we’ll come back once those are 50.okay so now this is all beat up[Music]felicia i know you want to keep mixingbecause you have to get your exercisebut you can wait just a little bitlonger there’s more mixing to be donehere i have some more white sugar andi’m just going toadd it straight into there and feliciayou can do your work once againthat’s really all it needs here i havea nice and prepared piping bag so stillpreparedthis girl and i have a spatula tooand i’m just going to gently carefullyscoop it into heregently now we’re just going to pipe thisonto here and i’m going to do littleswirlsand i want to make it so it’s superduper covers every little crackso i’ll pipe these and then once that’sdonei’ll go around again and get all thelittle crackiesput some meringue in therei have like barely ever made meringuebefore i know it’s like really creepylike weird that i’ve barely done it buti justhaven’t done it that much buti’ve heard super duper good andsuper excited to see what it turns outlike if it tastesgood just to my family who’s watchingthis nosewe’ll never go a week without it againfill in the cracksand there is one pie finishedthen i’ll just do the next onejust start in the middle this timethat was a kind of wonky one but youknow we’ll let it slideokay mr timer i know you’re preheatedgood thing we have some more meringueover heresave some extra just in case a scenariolike this would occurperfect fit nowwhat should i name this piping bag ireally want to give it a name becauseit’s doing great work and i feel like itdeserves itthis piping bag will from here forthbe known ashave a lump hello you’re doing amazingawesome someone i’d like to introduceyou tooh so what are your dreamswhen i grow up i want to be a plasticbagi think you’re perfect just as you arei’m so immature okay and then we’regoing topop theseinto a 350 degree ovenfor 10 minutes so they can get perfectand iwe’ll be back then okay sohow do these turn outoh gosh i haven’t named the oven yetwhat am i going to doum comment down below or on my instagrambig my worldwhat you think i should name the ovenbecause he is essentially[Music]thank you unnamed these are lookingmagnificent and i now have a veryspecial guestdrama please it’s my mom she will appearin three two one boomshe’s here so momyou like pie right i love lemon meringuepie it’s my favoriteokay so should i try it yes okaywe have a fancy little gold chair here iremember when mygrandmother elizabeth touchstonetaught me how to make lemon meringue pieandit didn’t work because we put the sugarin too quicklytoo soon before it had gotten all theair in it and so the meringue justcollapsedyes but you have done a much better joboh and i’ve only made it using lemon piepudding mix but yours is from scratch itis from scratch and weshall thank all recipes for thatit looks amazing but does it tasteamazingand am i a very good sly sketcherno i’m notum happy mother’s day to methank you make my world of course thankyou guys so much for watchingbe sure to hit that like button if youliked itand also like subscribe buttonthis time i will have a recipe down inthe descriptionupon popular demand thanks grandma andum yeah that’s all for today’s videoi’ll check you out next time for mybirthday babe happy mother’s daythanks for watching can you say byecloverbye

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