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Bake with us: SWEET POTATO PIE

Watch us bake sweet potato pie, this was our first time trying it, it was amazing, you should try it!
Thank you for watching!

Try this recipe:

Sweet Potato Pie


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome to my channel my name isEden my name is children and today we’regonna be doing a bake goodbye we’regonna bake in superscope I actually hatesweet potatoes so yeah but like cuz I’myour first time ever trying to eatpotato pie and I’m really excited to doit and we’re professionals at baking solet’s go make it so now we’re in thekitchen yeah and we’re gonna begin bypeeling these to do you don’t want theprep work if its purpose guys key thingsif you want to bake right they’ve gotone and a heart pounds of potatoes inhere and we want to kill them you’vecaught up the potatoes she was here Itold them no we’re gonna weld them forlike 15 minutesnow that’s boiling we’re gonna createthe butterso I whisk the eggs and now I’m gonnawe’re gonna add it to the cream butterand sugar fish here isn’t a boiled andnow I’m gonna empty them out put theboard with a is here and now we’re gonnastart some mash them mash them up afterthe mashed potatoes when I pull themdown to room temperature as you knowthat we say that preference mostimportant thingsso yesterday I found myself prep they’reall the sweet codes the pie crustyeah so I made it myself I’m so proud ofitthose two potatoes out of the fridge andthey’re cooled down and now we’re goingto add it to our mix like we’ve donebefore I’m gonna lift this up and I willthen add in evaporated milk just pour itinand it’s gonna mix that in if you havecinnamon ground cinnamon I’m gonna addin half a teaspoon of this all theteaspoon of ground nutmegthat’s been adding a quarter of ateaspoon of salt that’s a really smallamount so you don’t want too much saltyeah and then we’re gonna add in wholeteaspoon of vanilla extract in here sonow you can just whisk it all up I’mgonna pour inside the room I cross thePicross the pilots are so gonna put anoven now put in for 15 minutes and then45 minutes after on a lower temperatureso just finish this pie so excited totaste it it looks so goodnow we’re gonna try it and then it quietso kind of stuck in my my my baitmicroglia right now I should have putthat baking paperhey guys this is good guys thissecretaire pile is actually amazingyeah for someone that doesn’t actuallyprepare I would say hey out of him yeahyou guys don’t even give this a try athome yeah try it at home well if therecipe thunder but yeah if you guysenjoyed this baker-bots and please don’tforget to Like comment and subscribe andput an invitation to go on deep byeyou

5 Replies to “Bake with us: SWEET POTATO PIE

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  3. This just came up on my recommendation list! I really enjoyed this video, I will be trying this out.

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