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A quick 4 minute tutorial on how I make my pies. Let me know how I did!

Stay at home and stay safe everyone xxx



Ingredients used in this video:
1 Celery Stalk
2 Carrots
Half a head of Brocolli
One puff pastry packet/roll
One White onion
4 Cloves of Garlic
1 Cup of your choice of stock
Your *desired amount* of chicken
2 Tablespoons of double cream
Seasonings to taste

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome back to mychannel today I’m gonna be making achicken pie I hope you guys enjoy thevideo and remember to Like sharesomething you want to do is put somerapeseed oil in the pan you can useolive oil or sunflower oil whatever yougot home and then we’re going to put thevision okay so these are the vegetablesthat we’re going to be working withtoday I’m working with 2 carrots 1 smallwhite onion 2 celery sticks about 5cloves of garlic and then half a head ofbroccoli because this is all going to goin the oven in the end we just want thevegetables just to get soft[Music]this is the first step should look likethis beautiful all these differentcolors and it should smell really niceas well also I don’t know if you noticedthis but the reason that I cut my garlicpieces like this is because I find thatwhen I chop them they’re more likely toburn like a bit easier so I just like tochop that like that when I know I’mgonna put garlic in with my other veg Idon’t know if that’s good tip for youguys but that’s just the way I like todo it I’ve added my salt pepper somechilli flakes and then some Italianseasoning once all of the vegetablepieces of fun soft then you add in yourchicken pieces I just cut my cheaperpieces into cubes because that’s how Ilike to eat them but you can cut theminto whatever shape you likeand then just cook them down untilthey’re soft also at this point you canadd in more seasoning depending on howyou like your chickenI added garlic Italian seasoning thymeand a little bit of chicken a pintdeglazes all of the flavors at thebottom of the pan go into your pie soyou can use chicken stock or beef stockas wellI’m just gonna put in about one and ahalf tablespoons in this is what my piefilling is looking for this is what theend product should look like it shouldbe going to brown on topand then one of the filling should besomething on the bottomif you guys make these treat at home canyou tell me which one do you makebecause I think that I would the nextone I want to make is improperly cheeseone because I go to the pastry shop andI always order that and I love it butthe thing is whenever I go if for somereason the pastry is cold so I want tomake mine they also bits week oneAnnette which I really like so I thinkeveryone in my family would like it I’mnot that much of a meteor if I’m goingto be honest the reason I make chickenpie is because my sister’s a carnival sothat’s what she likesI think I’m going to go now but yeah Ihope you enjoyed the video I hope yougot some tips or tricks from my cookingI’m really sorry if it’s badly filmed Ifilmed it on my own this is my firsttime ever filming a cooking tutorial oranything like that so let me know how Idid and I will see you soon bye

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