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4-Ingredient Homemade Pie Crust | Super Flaky & Buttery!

Learn how to make the BEST Homemade Pie Crust Recipe with only four simple ingredients. This ultra flaky and buttery gluten-free pie crust is easy to blind bake or fully bake for your favorite sweet or savory pie recipes. You will also be shown how to easily roll out your pie dough and then crimp the pie crust.


1 cup flour gluten-free 1-to-1 blend
6 Tbsp. butter cold, cubed*
¼ cup cold water
1 Tbsp. sugar optional*
Pinch of salt optional


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Add flour, cubed butter, and sugar to the bowl of a large food processor. Pulse 20-25 times, or until mixture resembles a coarse crumb.*
A food processor mixing together a homemade vegan pie crust recipe.
Pour in water and pulse until it sticks together and forms a ball of dough.
Shape pie crust dough into a round disc and place between two sheets of wax

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