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YMCA Cooking: Pancakes without Eggs

Good Morning Friends! We are featuring a fun egg-free pancake recipe that we’d like to share with you. Join Ms. Lisa from the Hays Communities YMCA as we cook! Let’s get started!
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Video Transcription

[Music]hi it’s me miss Lisa from the Hayescommunity why welcome to our kitchen Isure do miss seeing everybody’s face andhearing everybody’s voice can’t wait -you guys are back in – why again thismorning we’re going to be makingpancakes and I’d love to see pictures ofwhat you’re making for breakfast and youcan put them down in the comments for meso that I can hear from you guys thegreat thing about pancakes is that theyare very forgiving so you can change upthe ingredients and we’ll talk aboutthat as we go along but the first thingyou do need is flour so I’m going to usea cup and a quarter of I’m usingall-purpose flouryou could also use wheat flour if that’swhat you had at home so there’s my cupmeasure and here’s my quarter cupmeasure the other thing we need in ourpancakes is baking powder this has atablespoon of baking powder which is mybig spin baking powder helps thepancakes to get fluffyI also need sugar because we want tohave the pancakes be a little bit sweetso we’ll use a tablespoon of sugar[Music]and a little bit of salt now I just saidI wanted them sweet so why would I wantsaltwell the salt reacts with the bakingpowder to make them be fluffy but it’sjust a little bit of salt 1/4 teaspoonnow i also need some milk so I’m gonnause this milk but you can use whateveryou have at home if it’s almond milk oroat milk it might make your pancakes alittle bit different but that’s part ofthe fun is having all kinds of differentpancakes the other thing that we’regoing to use is oil now I have madepancakes with lots of different thingsin it eggs bananas sweet potatoespumpkin today we’re using oil as thelick one of the liquids in our pancakesnow my daughter is allergic to eggs sowe’ve made lots of different pancakeswithout using eggs for her and then theother thing I need is water so I alreadypoured a little cup of water here sothat we can dip into it 2 tablespoons ofwater now the last thing I like to usein my pancakes which is totally optionalis I use a little vanilla extract butyou could use whatever you want youcould use blueberries or chocolate chipsalmond extract whatever you had at homethat you thought would taste good thenwe’re gonna mix these things up now whenyou’re mixing pancake batter you reallydon’t want to mix it over and over overagain you just want to stir it enough towhere everything is mixed up and youdon’t see any of the dry flour hangingaroundwhen we’re making something like pizzadough we mix it over and over and overagain so it gets long and chewy but wedon’t want that with our pancakes doingso there I’ve got some dough still gotsome lumps and stuff in it but that’sgood that’s the way pancakes need to benow as I’m looking at my dough I’mfinally getting a little bit runny soI’m just gonna add just a little bit offlour to it because I like my pancakeskind of thick if you like your pancakessuper thin you’d be done right now[Music]all right I’ve got pancake batter nowI’m going to cook my pancakes right hereso I’ve been heating this grill up soit’s nice and warm so this is the partyou would want to have a grown-up helpyou withwe have kids at the Hayes Y that cookthese from three-year-old up so it’s notdangerous or anything but it’sdefinitely something you want to do withyour parents supervision sprayed it witha little oil so they don’t stick to thebottom and now I’m just gonna take myscooper and put them on like I saidpancakes are pretty easy to make they’revery forgiving they’ll let you make themany way they want and no matter what youmix in you’ll get some sort of pancakesnow their sizzling up when they hit thishot grillnow what I’m looking for with pancakesis for them to start to bubble a littlebit so when my pancake starts to bubblea little bit that’s when I know it’stime to flip it over and everyone knowsthat’s the fun part I have my smile facepancake flipper and I’m gonna be readyto flip in just a minute[Music]all right let’s see if this one is readyto flipI’m not gonna flip it hi just gonna flipit over boom there it goes now it needsto cook on the other side[Music]blew it smelling like pancakes here inthis kitchen[Music]there we go now we have whole pan ofpancakes that’s enough for your wholefamily just you how many pancakes areyou gonna eatwe’ll let them cook a little bit more sothat they have a little crunchy edge andthen you can serve them with syrup orfruit or butter or just plain if that’sthe way you like your pancakes that’sthe way my son likes his pancakes hejust picks them up and eat[Music]so there we go there’s a great way tomake pancakes without using up your eggsI hope you can make breakfast for yourfamily and I can’t wait till you’re backin the Y with us again soon

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