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WEEKLY VLOG: what i eat, baking pancakes, quarantine routine

Lockdown vlog!! We are baking pancakes, baking biscuits, lots of cold brew coffee, puppy playtime, cooking and eating. eating so much. thats all of done is eat whatever my eyes see. Hope you all are healthy & happy!! Stay safe at home x

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Todays affirmation: I am healthy and happy.

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Video Transcription

yeah say good morning to my Daisy thisis tangerine I also have this littlerose that I got from Target in thedollar section so let’s hope it workswe’re doing a no-phone Sunday which Ireally love to do so I figured hello mywhole place is clean good girlis the book that I’m reading right nowit’s just a great reminder to begrateful and to focus on everythingright now in the moment it’s really goodI believe that my uncle and my aunt gaveme this book it’s good I love it alreadygave you your treat do you want to smellthisfun fact Elly will eat almost anythingof mine but she will not even payattention to coffee she doesn’t like itall right it’s up to 30 now I just gotoff of a three hour phone call with mybest friend and that is a part oflockdown baby it felt sold so nice totalk to my best friend and just be likehey what’s going on in your side of theworld I mean and you know a differentstate but oh my gosh now I’m in mycozies I got something on my shirtlockdown life is really you know I’mlooking really cute actually reallydon’t mind lockdown if I’m honest but Ijust hope it doesn’t last much longerhmm morning you guys this is my favoriteway to make a juice without pulling outthe juicer I have an entire Apple halfof a lemon and I feel this with spinachand I’ll throw this in here with somewater and then they’ll make a greenjuice so if you also don’t have a juicerthis is really easy simple it tastesdeliciousI just made a little English muffin Idid some jalapeno and lime guacamole onit I know it probably sounds so weirdwith a bunch of chunky onion tomato andsea salt girl I’m going to flavortownyou I should have been filming this alsomy pan is all messed up but this ismashed bananas with oats and cinnamonjust gonna see if I can turn this into abig bar and then I want to cut them upand Dressel them with honey I saw thison Pinterest just now so let’s try itout hey you guys I don’t have an ovenmitt but oh I poked a fork in it that’swhy there’s holes and the bottoms alittle burnt but we’ll just cut that offokay you guys so it cooled down and nowI’m gonna drizzle some honey on it Ijust cut it into little squares nodrizzle some honey I’ve already tried itit’s delicious it’s like this is perfectfor like a good breakfast bar I’m justfor like a little snack a littlepick-me-up these are delicious I willsay I want to say it took about 40minutes for me to cook them I think Ihad the temperature too low but theseare bomb[Music]how has lockdown bed for you guys Iactually filmed some of the things I’vebeen eating and now I’m filming thisvideo so hello this is what lockdownlooks like I’ve been making tic TOCsgetting back on my filming game I wasworking with some branch so I wasworking on those videos and now I’mdoing some Bloggie style I did a I did apull over on Instagram asking you guysif you would like more videos like this- I really love watching chilled outvlogs like I love when lauren elizabethpost just heard her at home vlogs and umother like bloggers and people have beendoing them as well i love those so didmy nails for a video look kind of funnya little longer than I want but it’sfine you guys look how gorgeous this isthis randomly came in the mail from Zhoufall I think I had this on an order whenI worked with them like a couple monthsago but it just never came but it justrandomly came in the mail for somethingfrom za file – like this looks expensiveso it’s all see-through it has thelittle spot for your crotch it buttonsin the crotch which is nice these arethe laces on the side I just think it’sso gorgeous I haven’t tried it on yetthough because if it doesn’t fit me youguys I’m gonna be really sad would youlike to tell me how lockdown is goingfor you have you learned any new tricksand eating treats peanut butter Ohpeanut butter do youdo you want some peanut bar she’s sogentle and she grabs it good good youguys this how the sweatshirt turned outand then I also did a crop top if youwant to see how to do these well you’llhave to watch the video that I made forthese but that’s something to do if youhave nothing else to do right now goodmorning I have a brush on my lip that’sactually getting bigger it kind of hurtstoday I can’t put anything on it I lookvery tired because I am but we are gonnago to the store todayoh I try to run over to Target and I’mhoping that I’ll go early enough in theday where they have everything rightguys so we had a pretty decent targetrun I’ll do a very quick grocery haul alot of this stuff was on sale which wasnice like all the grocery stuff is likepretty much under a dollar fifty whichwas really cool so I got sweet potatoesasparagus my favorite coffee creamersnet podsI had to get coconut milk because theywere out of almond milk but this will dothis is the one treat thing that I got Iwanted to make some cookies it’s on liketwo bucksthese were 68 cents each which isamazing so sugar snap peas tomatoeslettuce bananas I go through these likecrazy this was also on sale there’snothing like twelve and I got it for sixwhich is cool so some nuts tortillashummus guacamole lemons I got someolives pickles and dish soap my favoritecleaner you guys this is the best somebagels and some Dave’s killer breadwhich is amazing celery sticks hair tiesbatteries toothbrush not exciting got akombucha for later it’s a little treemore hot sauce I got some bonza pastawhich is made from chickpeas so got thatsome crackers crackers back here theseare my favorite crackers of all time bythe way and they only had one coffeeleft so I described want a big thing ofcoconut oil because I cook with this Iuse it for my bodies for everythingpeanut butter body wash laundrydetergent and I got a new sparklingwater this was like the one other treatthing that I got besides the cookies andthis is coconut pineapple that you guyshow this goes look at this some goodiesfrom low pop I’m filming for them can’twait I’m so excited I just got donefilming yeah hey yeah I just got donefilming a main Channel video that’s whatthis is – I just got done filming alaser hair removal video at home yeahthat’s right I’m laser hair moving athome that’s a mouthful but yeah it suckslike the one productive thing I’ve donetoday I started my period today TMI I amso so tired at the beginning of myperiod you guys like truly I feel justexhausted so I had a pretty slow morningI still got some work done and I orderedsome cream for my eyeball I have acoffee here and a everything bagel withhummus and jalapeno lime avocadoguacamole green onion sea salt andcayenne pepper oh yeah aftermath offilming two style videos this lookshorrendous oh my god where you smilinhappy happyokay filmed all day ordered a pizzafilmed all day so I ordered a pizzayeah that’s jalapenos with pineapple andblack olivesdon’t judge me I wanted something sweetand spicy also this sauce Wow morningit’s Friday so I took away at leastcrate she loves it just to like go inand nap but I like never really use itfor anything else she rarely gets introuble she’s a really good girl eatinga treat right now so right under here Ijust have like the stuff that was in hercrate so this is like the bottom part ofthe crate as you can see like the squarething and they’re just a blanket overthere just are over it just cuz I wantedto see if she would still go over thereto nap look at her if she continues todo that we’re gonna upgrade her to a bigcozy little area but I just want it tobe cute and not corny you know what Imean like I want it to look so yeah butif I create something here cuz this is abignice little space just for a dog youknow what I mean um so I could just movethat and do dog button everything justin my little square right there Ihaven’t fully decided yet finallythere’s a little sprout I literallyalmost gave up on her I was saying Idon’t think she’s gonna grow anythingbut now truly feel like there’s a lifelesson in this little rose just when youthink it’s time to give up something isactually really happening Friday nightlooks like this celery juice watermelonorange spinach watermelon and apple andthen I made a lemon shot right afterthat so a little bit of the green juicecame out but this is lemon and cayennehell yeah making pancakes say hi to myvlog mom’s trying to let me makepancakes don’t judge my pan this is thesituation I’ve made a mess at first thiswas biscuits and now it’s the NK Oh isthis part ready or do it still need towait a little bit longer Ohmaking her one last pancake it’s thefinal day I’m making biscuits oh my godthey’re literally almost perfect my Rosehas another little sprout you see thatlittle baby I’m so excited and a morningmaking some tea I ran at a coffee soreback to tea this week I’m actuallyexcited about it and adding this vegancollagen for skin babies over thereeating her tree it’s a beautiful daylook at the Sun ooh[Music]

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