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Weekly Vlog: No more BBT, making pancakes and my house suck less with Airbot Hypersonics vacuum

For the week of 20-26 April I go on video (with the help of Wuta cam makeup skillz) and talk about how we got a big announcement on Tuesday that caused panic buying of #bubbletea, how I made #pancakes from scratch cos I missed Mcd’s hotcakes, and my mini review of the #Airbot Hypersonics Cordless Vacuum cleaner.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my weeklyblog oh and by the way I am actuallyusing this attack em so I don’t have toput on makeup at home and then have tolike take it off again and it does areally good job on camera even on videoso I actually have no makeup on and weare at day 20 of 56 days of socketbreakup and this came about because onTuesday we were hit by a very bigannouncement by PMD s he drank from hismagic cup talking about how titlemeasures need to be in place ouressential services will be stoppedincluding things like bubble tea shopsand kick shots and ice cream shops sothat was a big blow because initiallywhen he was talking nobody really got itand then he said we’re gonna extend ourcircuit breaker for another month fourweeks till first of June and everyone’sjust like no four more weeks and thenlater the detail came out there we arealso going to be not making through thiswith our favorite bubble tea ice creamcakes and confectionaries even fruitjuice stalls were not spared so that wasvery big news for Singaporeans in factthat day I actually went out to get somebubble tea because after theannouncement and after leading I waslike okay maybe I should just go out andwalk to my nearest bubble tea shop confutea and get something and after I sawthat there was a big queue at the Gongcha bubble tea shop with all the greatriders waiting for to help people getenough that’s when the news came intheir bubble tea shops were also goingto have to close I saw two three fivenine days so there was really somethingfor me personally I think it as achallenge to not drink bubble tea forfour weeks or two weeks even if thething does lived by for of me and I gotmyself a new toy so during this wholeperiod I also kind of shopped a littlebit more online and I bought kind ofnon-essential things that I thought wasjust like turn up my time spent at homeand one of those things which I hopewill help to make my life not suck somuch ironically is a vacuum cleaner so Iactually got air bots so this isactually a Cutlass line and look at howmuch does and does this sucker hasactually lifted out I would like somesoft like home like power makeup butessentially I got this about $190 onsharpie and I would say this is probablymy best buy of 2020 it is Wireless andit has a very good suction power it isalso less than a Dyson $190 and the bestprice I actually used it on my bedspreadto do the dust mite thing and reallywhat is so amazing and satisfied to seeall the little fine dust this trap inthe canister was sucked from my bed anda little bit from my brother’s bit andthis is amazing but also very gross thatis the amount from the dust mite headwhich as I rotating bristles I thinkthey made it transparent for reason youknow to get people to see how much dirtthis thing picks up so it’s amazing it’swondrous the only downside is it’s alittle bit heavy and you need to chargeit for four hours about that to getabout I don’t know 40 minutes of themachine so that’s only thing but Ireally like playing with it so that’sthat and other than that does normalwhat week still continues actually lifehas become more routine and I’m juststarting to get into the groove ofthings and today I made some pancakeswhich was actually turned out reallywell so I’m quite happy with them Iguess yeah we just have to power throughwe still have about 36 more days to goto this okay break up I believe we canmake it there and hopefully everybodydoes the same so thank you for watchingmy weekly blog and allsee you next week bye[Music]

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