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We Cook Pancakes Better Than IHOP – Funny Overcooked 2 Gameplay

Today we learn how to cook amazing pancakes and even how to walk out of a wheel chair! Check out how well we cook today

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Game: Overcooked 2


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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back in the vault todaywe have some fucking overcooked – Iforgot the name of this guy – youovercook – its own why are we going intothe throne room that’s where it said togo we’re running out of time like Iwon’t let you leave you have to wait forthe wheelchair boy people like robotsI guess fuck me I thought so she doesn’tget uh I guess sure is it sushi raw fishin the first place well then these areready order up I need some fucking meatbaby you need to do the disheswell we’re on your side or you need todo the dishes thank youI fucked up fuck here’s everything wejust need two zucchini and a plate andyou grab all this and just turn it inand then we’re goodwhat are you doing what are you doingstop started it was on the cutting boardso it’s trying to cut shit well it’s allgood we did it we did itwe’re so fire we we impressed GordonRamsay himself better luck next timeso what the fuck oh we’re going to thesky let’s try it it’s time to troll somekids on over cook to go but click thatbutton button the button closed stopwith the cheese I’m the cheese master ohit blocked off my cock and now I’m stillholding the meal okay just put thisright here okay here’s a cheeseburgerokay the next bacon right is a tomatocan you get some lettuce yeah look at uswe’re doing that we’re doing it oh oh ohoh uh-oh SpaghettiOs okay um this is thewhole meal a BAM we’re fuckin doom yepwe’re cookin with style what do we needa tomato uhour dying dad I’m stuck with the fireand you got the fire what the fuck youhave the fire extinguisher on your sidewhat are you doing yeah holy fuck I needthe fire extinguisher I’m trapped in mykitchen oh fuck that’s gonna burn thisis so dumb I need a plate oh fuck waitsick bad yeah that’s why I left thatright bad news we need cheese I need thefire extinguisher I need to die can Ihave that border hey you might have abow that can I have that board can youfucking move the cheese oh fuck okay Ineed a plate and then I need to turnthis I have oh yeah I might pick myother pan back here’s my pan I don’t useit here’s two pans I’m gonna put outfires cuz fuck I need to oh fuck I’mdyingI need letters they’re right therethere’s a cheese there’s a lettuce righthere it’s right here on it trust meOh trusting oh wow this is abundance eatthe fiery top put things my hand firesyou fuck oh shit I see you America youhave two sides of America the bald eagleand the crippled raccoon that’s Americaif you’re an essential employee you’re araccoon in a wheelchair you doeverything need some we need fuckingrice oh fuck there’s mushrooms tooyou’re fucking stupid you’re justfucking stupid I need chicken foranythingfucking look what you did oh my god ohmy god oh my god oh my god are youfucking what are you fucking Tom BradyI thought you kissed your son on the lipyou motherfucker oh fuck we do okay wehave meat though we’re covered what thefuck I don’t know what we can do herenow you fucked us with your phobiabullshit what the fuck dude I can’t evenwith this motherfucker grab a tortillalike you don’t make this a lot easier ifwe had a cutting board on the thingactually uh oh we need some fuckingchicken this shit sucks there’s so manypots on her cock put it in the fuckingwhy why did you throw it you fuck cuz Iwas stuck on it so it’s like I kind ofhave to now do we just put it on thenasty-ass plate there’s one dish in thetop right Oh stinky then we need chickenwe need chicken and rice All Right seeya fuck you okay chicken and ricecoming up put that chicken that is amushroom you dumb fuck listen to the wayno let’s go we need chicken I need thedamn eyes oh my god that’s oh fuck putit in the dare hurry buddy because wedon’t have time to do any we helps thecast fuck we passed we passed thatsucked meeting we fucking did it look atme I’m in a fucking wheelchair youfucking push me I’m gonna charge fordisability assault we have to cut up therice bag whatthat’s flour you see we gotta cut itrice bag I know it sounds stupid oh godI make tortillas oh oh oh there’s afucking blender I don’t know what are wemaking fucking pancakes what do I dowith this cook it why do I havechocolate well we’re making chocolatewe’re doing thisholy fuck I gotta chop this someone Igot a chop chocolate a my autistic couchout chocolate I can’t see the fuckingbar this is nine no I don’t know tell mehow he in the cook it look at thisfucking a oh oh where am I he’s a plateI’ve done big plate on itoh it’s we’re over exercising I don’tgive a fuck let me encanta all thestairs are backthere’s my fuck I fucking will choke youdude I’m gonna fucking oh my god it’scuz I have a pan I’m gonna you bitchwhere did that happen what happened myin we have a typhoon fucking whitegive me my fucking pancake you got onenoise we got one voice where’s the guardlook at this trick oh fuck I’m floatingdown the ante abracadaniel you say ayedad I’m going to haunt this place whatthe fuck stairs are Wiggly how about wemake another one just another patchbecause we don’t have any more platesbowls yeah then we can hold the bucketthough oh fuck look at all this fuckinggrab your chocolate oh ohBing bong like I’ll do the dishes wheredo I get the dishes Oh actually um overherewhere are the ways I wait for them tocome in hurry up eat fat asses Jesusgrab that plate and go you’re going tocause me to fucking get out of thiswheelchair no my pancakes birdy huh Iwas so off because I thought explain toyou you look at me I have a full pancakeyou most punted me into the fuckingabyss cunt I’m going to eat your fuckingspleen if you fucking put me in thewrong area again look how much money wehavefucking rich boys got my way you’re afucking idiot I’m burning a pancakebecause your autism thousand 156 yeah weare fucking this days bro yeah we foughtthe stage I came in the pancakes I justkept running by you holy fuck it wasonly for 60 suck my nuts up thousand$156 my ass we may double the amountneeded we got a 5 star that’s the onemission we can we’re good at cookingfucking pancakes everything elsemediocre we’re a pancake where I hop nowmotherain’t right so much it’s so annoyingI like subscribe comment fuck me in theass we’ll see you guys next time in thevaultBob call me Schomberg little bitch I’mon my own shit I can’t fuck around withyou cuz you want broke bitch get a labelcalled and said they need some mo hits Isaid fuck that little bitch how mama Oh

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