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Join me and my munchkin as we make one of our most popular recipes in our house and add a special FUN and NUTRITIONAL twist to the recipe! Make sure to stick around to the very end for the bloopers 🙂

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey friends what’s up welcome back toanother video and I’ve got a helperagain today he hasn’t shown up in avideo for a little bit this is Devereauxin case any of you are new around hereor haven’t seen him before this is myyoungest son and he’s going to help metoday we are making one of his favoritethings in the world what are we makingtonight / oh yeah you know for pancakesthat’s right we are making my homemadepancakes which are a somewhat coconutalternative pancakes I’m gluten freebecause we still use regular flour butit’s just got a little bit of thecoconut flavor which makes it a littlebit tastier in our opinion and then it’salso incorporating the good fats andstuff for you that you get from coconutoil and coconut milk we’re putting atwist on it we’ve done this before thisis not our first batch of these we’vebeen testing out for some time withthese we’re putting a twist on thepancakes today what kind of unicornpancakes but which ones are we makingHey alright pink and orange so whatwe’ve been using and if you guys havebeen following along on my Instagram atall you guys know that we are loving ourunicorn superfoods and I just placedanother order recently and these are twonew ones that we just got and have beenplaying around with and experimentingand using so this one is 100%freeze-dried pink Pattaya and do weremember what pinkish Han is dragondragon fruit exactly this one is theimmunity blend which oh my god right nowwith this season and the wholecoronavirus whatever that going aroundthat has the world at a tailspinthis is really great it will boost yourimmune system it’s God orcarrot mandarin lemon turmeric extractmonkford extract carrot extract andginger was high in vitamin A to supportimmunity also high in vitamin C as wellsource of antioxidants and supportsdigestion and we’ve got health so we aregoing to make how many batches ofpancakes hmmwe’re making orange one and a pink oneand we’re gonna show you how we do thisand how we incorporate these awesomeawesome awesome powders to get all ofyour fantastic super foods nutrition into maintain healthy diet and Moon systemhair skin nails all of that they havetons and tons of different powdersavailable it’s an Australian company butthey ship worldwide obviously I willhave all of the information down belowthey’ve got tons and tons of blends likeI said so you can pick and choose Igenerally order about five at a time andthere are a few that have become staplesaround here that we reorder regularlyand then we’ve just been trying someother ones and these are two new onesthat we ordered this last time so let’sget to some cooking Hey okaywe’re with you first all right[Music][Applause][Music][Music]okay what’s the next ingredient youdon’t need to read the amount just whatthe next ingredient is hold that oh butwhat do we do okayha so we’re going to clear out and putit in this little bowl so that we canmelt it in the microwave[Music]super super precise with my measurementsit doesn’t make a world of differenceyou’re a little bit off whisk thattogether mister careful hold the bowlremember to the jitter basketball huhokay honey into the coconut oil it’stotally melt it all together forsweetener you don’t want to use it andsputtervanilla extract get another thing I donot[Music][Music][Music]remember you stir while I for this in sothat we don’t hurtle the eggs at all cuzthis is a little bit honey let’s put inthe powder in the liquid which ones youwant to make fresh orange or pink heywas that because is your favorite coloryou can stir it just let me put some infirst and you said you wanted it moreflavor at this time yeahso you usually for regular recipes woulddo two teaspoons one to two depending onhow much of something that you’re usingthis is a half a teaspoon so right nowI’ve got two and a half teaspoons inthere to sort of maybe two three surethey’ve it at two and a half to threeall right can I start out this everybodycan see the color the powders are supersuper rich in pigment because they’rejust like 100% it’s like dried ground upnatural ingredients so they’re reallyreally rich in color which is what makesall of this stuff half the funand then you have a slightly betterstore so we need to add the mixture ohmy goodnesswe haven’t made pancakes with this coloryet we’re actually pretty much theperfect consistency I think what we’lldo so that the batter doesn’t set up orthicken up or sad or anything we’ll cookthis batch up great and then we can mixa second batch and cook that separatelyokay babe right you guys a little bitcloser so you can actually see just becareful of the other movie you guys seelike the little black specks it almostlooked like vanilla bean specks butthat’s the seeds in the dragon fruits ifyou’ve ever seen dragon fruit and thenhold it it’s like a white fleshy insideand it’s got like little black specksthroughout itoh hey guys I’m super curious to seewhat these will determine tastes likebecause hey we haven’t used this powderin pancakes before great and B we putmore powder than we usually do so I putthree teaspoons in the whole thing soyeah you guys just kind of want to playwith your ratios depending on whatyou’re making and how much you’re makingobviously like when I make him I’mmaking yogurt and make both of the kidsyogurt but we’re talking about a tinylittle Bowl so like depending on theflavor of the powder one to twoteaspoons is more than enough but whenyou’re talking about an entire batch ofPancakes that’s a lot more volume batterwise and substance wise so yeah you justadjust that it careful okay just adjustyour portions accordingly but you reallyyou can’t overdo it that’s the otherthing too you can’t overdo it with thesebecause there’s absolutely nothing wrongbut it’s just like super fruits dried upto ground up all that it’s they’re 100%natural so you can’t overdo it you mightoverdo the taste a little bit sometimeswhich I haven’t done that with a coupleof things depending on what I’m makingbut yeah it’s like it’s no harm to yourbody or anything readyalright there’s the first one so here’sthe first few pancakes guys we’re gonnazip through the rest of this batter andthen we’ll start mixing up the secondbatter which will also zip through andwe won’t come back to you when it’s timeto put in the other powder[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]it’s that time again two unicornssuperfoodsso this batch is going to be the orangeones which are the immunity blends thatI showed you earlierI mean teaspoons dude we had last time[Music]right yeah right here okay Teresa weneed six of these cuz either half soI’ll show you this one the powder itselfyeah it is yellow but as soon as it hitslike winds it goes super super orange ahand I can’t remember if I told you guysabout the pink potato one other than isdragon fruit it is a source of fiberpromotes healthy digestion and nourishesyour hair and skin because of all of theadditive vitamin C that is also in ityou guys can go to their website unicornsuperfoods calm and look at every singleblend and superfood that they have andthey’ve got a nice little write-up ofthe ingredients of every single one andall the benefits to it so check thoseout and these two what is this item room[Music]French yeah these means these ones haveto stay in the fridge right so there area couple that you do have to store inthe fridge most of the maken justsitting in your pantry but they all sayon the packaging whether or not you haveto put them in the fridge so we’ve gotthe powder in we’re gonna add our flourand baking powder and water mix up andthen cook these puppies and we’ll beback in regular time to show you guyseverything all finished up maybe I mighteven let you do a taste test[Laughter][Music][Music][Music]guys here is a finished product thereare the pink petunia pancakes and theimmunity blend pancakes you can see theydon’t drool on the plate you can see thecolor of them that bright vibrant colorthere and kiss size and my eldest hasdecided to join us because he wants totaste test because what did we do we putin more powder than we usually do rightno and we use new ones that we hadn’tused before so break off a bit for youyeah I like itthere’s not even anything on thesepretty good you like a yeah you keepdoing you can give us your burner whenyou’re donethank you you finished chewy I taste thelike citrus dude you got some water yeahno they’re darn it up hmm could you takethe part you don’t know what I’m dragonfort excellent yeah that was pretty goodhuh it’s like a cookie can you tastecan’t taste the citrus in the stone Ialready tasted Africa strippers allright well that is our cooking segmentcome to a close with our unicornpancakes but no don’t food what colorpancakes have we made previously to thisorange no it’s just yellow these are theorange onesyeah we tried a few of the powders withthese pancakes what I do is I just makelike a couple of batches and then I putthese in Ziploc bags with wax paper inbetween the layers and freeze them andthen that way the kids can have themthroughout the week before schoolthey’re ready on the weekends I don’thave to be up early or you know cookingin the kitchen first thing whoa no waycouple of weekends for them to havepancakes on weekends and it works reallyreally great you just pop them in thetoaster and they heat up from frozen andthey are perfect right all right youguys have pancakes for the morning andprobably for about a week depending onpancake greeting you guys get if he doesalright so like I said guys I will haveall of the unicorn superfoodsinformation down be low and make sure togo and check them out they have anawesome awesome website with a blog thathas all sorts of health informationabout their products and great recipesthere’s also a recipe section on theirwebsite and you guys can check out allof their superfood blends and theirsuperfoods and what else they also havebundles so you can get like a few packsin a variety and it comes with a freerecipe book and then there’s also otherbundles that you can get that come withlike coconut bowls that they have andspoons they have accessories and stufftoo so go and check them out they areawesome awesome awesome and it is asuper fantastic way to especially if youhave little ones like this make food funand get your nutrients and great theyalways say eat the rainbow taste therainbow and I’m not talking aboutskittles so this is a super great way toget your vibrant colors in taste great Imake lattes out of it I add it to yogurtsmoothies and yeah and I add it to myprotein powders and stuff so yeah supersuper super fantastic I give it like allthe thumbs up that I possibly can howmany thumbs up can we get two timesthree eggs thanks guys and we’ll see youin another video soon so this is just100it was not the spoon I was looking for[Music][Music][Music]

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