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“The Quarantine Cook” Trying Not To Go Bananas Nut Pancakes

Hi, guys, and Good Morning to you all. Today, I am making Trying Not To Go Bananas Nut Pancakes! They are very easy to make. Let’s get started.

You will need a frying pan or skillet.

Trying Not To Go Bananas Nut Pancakes


*3/4 cup pancake mix
*3/4-1 cup water
*1 banana
*1-2 chopped walnuts
*1/8 cup Sunflower oil or 2-3 tbsp butter


In medium bowl, add your pancake mix and water together. In your frying pan/skillet, heat Sunflower oil on high to begin; once, your skillet is hot, turn burner to mid-high temperature. Pour in three or four dollops of batter for each pancake (They will be what my Granny Gilliam called Silver Dollar Pancakes.). Cook until you see air bubbles covering the pancake, and flip over to cook the other side of each one (Your pancakes should be a light and fluffy golden brown texture and color.). Repeat the process for your other pancakes. Serve with your favorite maple syrup, jam, or powdered sugar. Enjoy!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Joey the Gordon cook here this morningwe’re gonna make banana nut pancakes andyou’re gonna want and those nuts offamous words let’s get cracking you’regonna need 3/4 cup of your pancake mixI’m making 5 to 6 pancakes multiply thatif you’re making more a quarter cupwater and then 1 to 2 walnuts orwhatever not you want to use and then ofcourse 1 banana so we’re going to takeour pancake mix the bowl with our watercut up our banana peel it first thatalways helps you know you can’t use thisin your garden if you wantlike so I’m going to do in this littleBowl and we’re gonna just kind of mashit up and what goes into the bag ofeasily I’ve already got all thisin one piece perfectit’s a beautiful day out today one ofthe sun’s out again yeah not that I cango out I can look through my windows ifyou like me you like touching big nutsI’m just gonna take a fork and mash allthis togetherthis so it makes it easier to mix andpancake batter[Music]trusty whisk now I’m gonna have to thinthis out a little bit so I’m gonna addprobably a quarter cup more waterokay and we’re ready to make paintingswhat I like to do is kind of hit thebowl and it brings air bubbles and stuffthat might be in your pancake batter upto the surface a little fluffier just soyou can see what the batter looks likenow I’m gonna use some flour a lot oftimes I like to use just bottom justbecause I like the whip taste burner onhigh just for a minute just to geteverything out we’re gonna turn it downto about a medium to medium-high heatall rightwhile that’s heating up I’m going tohave a cup of coffee it is my mostimportant starter for the day and it isdelicious about a medium-high heatgrandmother’s helps silverdollarpancakesyou know you want to cook those untilthey start bubbling that means the oneside is done and you’re going to flipthem and brown them the rest way thereshould be a nice golden brown okay got aspatula ready to go swirl this see whatI meanyou get those nice little bubbles on oneside that’s ready to flippeople keep asking me what this is on mycounter every time we watch this showwell somebody get this for me for mybirthday it’s a great stress relieverokay there are nice golden brown colorand just ease out and finish up the restof them it’ll be back in a minute toserve it up smell delicious to make surethe burners off and voilaSilver Dollar banana nut pancakes you’regonna love these you can serve that upwith your favorite syrup throw some jamon a pound of sugar whatever you likethey’re gonna be delicious no matterwhat for now I’m doing the quarantinecook see you next timeyou[Music]

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