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Snek and the Definitely a High School Girl cook Pancakes in Senran Kagura Bon Appetit (Minori Story)

This game is the dark souls of cooking.

This was a game that Draxr only played for like 4 hours and did only 2? character stories. I’m going to do all the character stories, not perfectly because I’m not a God gamer, but all stories will be completed. All fails/pass attempts are included and everything will be on normal difficulty, unless I want to suffer on hard. Feel free to use the timestamps at the bottom of the description as needed or let run in the background.

“Hamster Girl”, “Definitely a high school girl”, the FBI gonna be knocking on my door if Minori does literally anything.

Also technically, since Steam gave it to me, the ending of Senran Kagura Bon Appetit. There’s no achievements for Rin and Daidoji, (each girl had her own achievement), and the game gave me the “You beat the game” pictures which are showcased here. The last two parts will be RIn and Daidoji’s stories. After that, unlike Draxr, I would have beaten Senran Kagura Bon Appetit.

Also, a bunch of Y names, except for Ryobi, but she does have a Y in her name.

Battles Include: Yozakura (Story), Yomi, Yagyu, Ryobi (Story), Yumi (Story)

Important Timestamps:

00:16 — Minori Story Start
2:55 — Yozakura (Story)
14:34 — Yomi
20:43 — Yagyu
26:52 — Ryobi (Story)
35:40 — Yumi (Story)
43:51 — Minori Story End

Original of the video here

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