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Smayan making pancakes

Kumarz Smayan making pancakes

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Video Transcription

[Music]that’s good that’s goodwhathey guysthank you we’re making big blackpaintings and Linda’s waiting for it tobe good so we can flip it openand that’s what we’re gonna be havingfor breakfast today[Music]this is our patient[Music]how did you make the make the doorso we gofor the pancakes[Music]itthat’s our mix[Music]okay I put them down somethingand this one weekusually like the spoke[Music]what’s making that shakebecause this is not the pieceusually it’s already like being insister[Music]okay shape and usually it it already hascirrhosis but this time we need to makethis because evenparty nights gonna close it halfway upon it which meansokay[Music]that’s itso right now we’re about[Music]so how do you eat them so how you eatthem in they’re gonna be big so you needto have like a fork and a knifeyeah but I mean like what else do youput on it oh so you gonna put like somestrawberry whipped cream and maple syrupbut for the small pancakes and for smallhow you eat them is you use your handsand names like but we need one so isthere like think you need a lightyou need like something so I think now[Music]she will cut that okay I think that’senough on the videotape I

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