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Shared Reading – How to Make Pancakes

Shared Reading Friday May 8th 2020

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Video Transcription

good morning everyone welcome to sharedreading for Friday today what we’regoing to be doing is we are going to bereading a procedure text have you heardof a procedure before have you heard ofa recipe a procedure is a how to text soit gives us instructions on how to dosomething and seeing that on Sunday itis Mother’s Day we thought that it’d benice to show you how to make pancakeshave you made pancakes before some ofyou might have so today we’re going toshow you how to do that so let’s findout what we’re going to need to makepancakes so the first part of ourprocedure is what we will need you willneed 1 cup flour what sound does flourstart with flour not the garden flourcooking flour 1 cup milk what sound doesmilk start with milk 1 egg what sounddoes egg stop itegg 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 bowls soundthis bowl start witha whisk or spoon what sound does whiskstart with what were whisk a can whatsound does pan start with her pentoppings to go on top of your cookedpancakes toppings can you sound out whatthe sound is at the start toppings andlast one spatula spatula spatula one ofthese or an egg flipokay let’s now read what we need to doso the second part of a procedure is themethod this is the how to do it part allright so let’s look at step one do itwith me okayso put the flour and sugar in the bowland stir so can we pretend let’s pretendputting our flour and our sugar in thebowl and let’s stir it up can you showme how you stir very good two in a newbowl add the egg and milk mix togetherlet’s get our mother bowl let’s crackour egg add our milk and stir ittogether can you show me here you canstir very good step three pour the eggand milk into the flour mix and stiruntil combinedwhat just combined me combined meansuntil it’s all together so we’re gonnaget our egg mixer let’s pretend with melet’s get our egg mix pour it in withour flour and sugar mix we’re gonna getour whisk and we’re gonna combine canyou show me how you can combine and mixyour mixture together very good let’shave a look at the next one for in a hotpan add pancake mixture and cook my panit’s nice and warm we’re gonna pour ourpancake mixture in there can you show mehow you pour very good well done we’regonna give it a cookyou’ll need to flip it over as we’recooking it can you show me how you flipunder and over under and over very goodstep 5put on a plate and add your toppings putthem on a plate for meshow me how you put them on a plate verygood and can you add some toppings toyours I’m adding some sugar and somelemon squeeze them lemon what are yougonna put on your pancakes should we goand make them now see you in the kitchenso let’s get started on making ourpancakes so as we had already said inour shared reading we are going to needflour I’m going to use plain flour milk[Music]a frypan a spatula or a week and twobowls so our basic instruction is to putthe flour and sugar in the bowl and stirso let’s do that first shall weso we’re going to need 1 cupput that in the bowl all right so we’regoing to now add two tablespoons ofsugar one and two tablespoons[Music]all right let’s see what the next stepis step two in a new bowl add the eggand milk mix together so cracked my eggadd that to the bowl and I’m also nowgoing to add a cup of milkalright step three now pull the egg andmilk into the flour mix and stir untilcombined I’m going to take my egg andmilk mix and I’m going to pour it intomy flour mixture and now I’m going tomix until it’s combined we want themixture to be really smooth we don’twant any of those all right let’s seewhat step four is in a hot pan so I’mgoing to turn and start warming my pannow you want to make sure that you’vegot an adult present to help you do thisI’m just gonna add some butter to my panjust so it stops our pancake mixturefrom sticking so when the butter ismelted they are ready to cook so onceyour pan is nice it’s time to put thebatter in the pan you ever needsomething to scoop it out I’m going touse a quarter cup to scoop out my batterand then pour it in the panso we’re going to know our pancake isready to be flipped over when thesurface starts to pop little bubbles atthe top can you see that there’s lots oflittle bubbles it’s ready to be flippednow so you’ll need your egg flip or yourspatula and you’re going to lift itunder and flip it over so you pop yourspatula underneath and flip it over lookat that once your pancakes are cookedit’s time to put them on a plate yeahonce your pancakes are cooked let’s lookat step five which is to put on a plateand add your toppings you can addwhatever toppings you would like or seethem they’re for Mom for Mother’s Daymake sure you put mums favorite toppingsbefore you serve them for enjoyso I hope you enjoyed our cookingsession today on how to make pancakesyour activity for reading now is to goout and use your imagination to createor make something special for your mumso for example I have used some craftmaterials such as my toilet roll andsome scrap paper and I have created atoilet roll flower I wonder what you canmake and how you can use yourimagination you might like to go outsideand create something from the naturalmaterials outside you might have somerecyclable materials lying about in yourhouse that you can use to createsomething whatever you create rememberto be using your imagination have a goodday

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