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Quick video on how to make pancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey my guinea gamers yeah wouldn’t beteaching Johan make a pancake so becausea lot of these days not time PD for awoman but a lot of women or not runnercould do this so I wanted you how tomake pancakes so which one do is iheated it up I thought mr. Kent pancakebetter prepare better just look at theinstructions or if not know how to makeyourself do this I went to it so hardsometimes if you can’t tell do thisyou’re like a very small bit of waterhere just gonna be the boxart that meansit’s ready so now that’s ready like youwant to let it sit until it’s hot enoughup a – I’ve been put yours on whateveryou prefer how fast you want to cook ityeahif you want to I would prefer it you do105-pound let’s just make this quickvideo what you want to do this[Music][Music]not too much to covering each I thingbut just like thoseI don’t actually want you my nuts boltsbits knits but just video you see allthese bubbles for me that means it’sactually getting decently good reallyfast other spatulas frickin link I’dlike two inches to the sites this is notgood yet to be tested as you can tellbut let’s go ahead and test it[Music]you see nothingperfect[Music][Music][Music][Music]we mate you may know[Music]all your paintings do not have to be thesame size but the all the same size youare a actuala little bit oops it’s hot Oh damage thetable back to look in test let’s do thatnot reallya paper towel that’s a dress let thatbutter part out so I don’t confuse nexttime before the testjinx he’s breaking apart a little rightthere that’s fineit was the light up there worked but itdon’tmaybe there’s a fine man what’s thatsame side nothingso good girl just perfectno see I’m up bad times when youcan’t flip worth it but sometimes youget that perfect one think I can just godo anything you know thank you for hopemy opinion eating pancakes better thansex probably wanna make a lotta pancakesafter this I’ll probably only make liketwo more pancakes and then that’ll neverbe Oh see I’ve quick two pancakes in 20minutesmy sister just woke up she did not neverwas big for pancakes I made a little bittoo much I’ve made a little bit too bigof a pancake here for himOh Oh see that see that see that yeahnot ready wipe it off[Music]have no idea position was back here soit’s been about two minutestest it again yeah this one’s a bigperfect pancake but that is actuallygood it’s a little dark in the middlethen at the rest of it hey Rubywhat’s a Beckett dog proofs my dog Owenapproves good just like the other sideso I’ve made a few pancakes now I’mhaving one or two more okay[Music]now it is rightgrabbing this[Music]I’m gonna let this quote sit for alittle longer it’s gonna run likefrickinno break to start this good what willyou brought to be flipped up oh justfind it in there there’s nobody byspanking of the video by the way soevery leftover batter[Music]better in here

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