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Potatoe pancakes made vegan/how we cook dinner!

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Video Transcription

[Music]so I’m just making some vegan pancakespotato pancakes here I’m putting theminto the blender this blender is also ajuicer but we can use it also to createthe potatoes so which is really handy itsaves a lot of time and it does a reallygood job so here I just added somepotatoes with onion and here is Eliaswatching me do that then you have a bowlfull of the shredded potato with onionthen Elias was trying to open up thedrawers because he is getting older andhe is trying to open up all thecupboards and I have to find the littlethings to close them up with so he doesnot hurt himself with those then we haveto just wash up all our dishes from allthe potato chopping and things because Idon’t like a mess and I’d rather have itcleaned up as I go alongso just wash everything up and just putit away and here’s the potatoes and wewill just see some those with somepepper and some salt we add some blackpepper and salt and we mix it alltogether don’t over salt it but you canalways add salt as you go along then I’mjust boiling up some water with someHimalayan salt to make some green beansI’m cutting off the ends and justputting them to boil and we’re about tostart potatoes the green beans have beenboiling and we have started cooking uptheir pancakes you decide to cook up andwhen they’re crispy golden brown you’llknow they’re ready here I have a coupledone alreadythere’s little Elias watching me cookthen I decided to make some orange juicewith the meal so I’ve peeled up someoranges and chopped them up and then Iwill also put them into the same juicerwith a different part on which does thejuicing so you just pop them all in andthe blender will do the job for you it’sa really really good blender it juicesreally well it that pop comes off reallydry and it gets every last drop of juiceinto the cup so you just pop them all inand you’re starting to have a lot ofjuice fresh juice is really nice and welove orange juice we’ve also madepineapple juice and apple juice and allkinds of juices but oranges are reallynice so just blend it all that up andhere’s the stack of pancakes and thegreen beans are done and we havesqueezed all of the juice from theoranges here zelli’s pulling ontocurtain and here’s our vegan dinner I’mready to eat hope you enjoyed

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