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Perk on the bass w/grandkids making pancakes

Music and grandkids pancakes. Enjoy😁

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up my good people stay tuned[Music][Music]so Jaden what you have is that sourcream you think sooh is that soso much wheat what’s on yours that’swhat that that’s queen cheese in diwhat’s all yours okay so now Chung willuse a whole bottlewhat is that shine[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]holy Sh I got all the bottles in thereyou go use lights out so you know what’sgoing on here oh you got going on heremama Christmas now looks like I’m makingsome[Music]you say Christmas yeah Yesi movie againI guess it’s just grilled chickenbreasts thought I’ve tried out why theyputting together their pancake gotta dowhat I’m gonna do Hey oh reallyoh I’m not only chicken breasts I guessI’m real soon so real[Music][Music]how you want to cook that it’s alreadygood oh oh so the step you I put on itthen you eat ityes so sorry you gonna do that withHarlan all this when does he put upthere yeah yeah yeah yeah oh it ispumpkin[Music][Music]maman pretty good my money on a thronemust leave marshmallows up just use thewhole so do sure say I will trade in mysister for okay you go man[Music]look like four sandwiches that lookspretty goodso what is it made of Gina what is suresteak grant crackers yeah oh and thenhe’s gonna use a whole bottle her she[Music]good that good let’s see what dinghonestly about his you’re a good look atJayden oh yes such discipline all eyeson foot all y’all asleep tonight wereyou looking for Janedi really you made it pretty good sobasically what y’all doing I just put itdownI’m Christmasso yeah it’s basically you just put onwhat you want on thiswhat kind of topping on any type of topand you want and just go for it huh[Music]you scare to try yo you look like you’retaking it taking a while yeah first theyoung I mean Jay they gonna hit thispiece one day you just ate a wholemarshmallow with it so I don’t know ifyou can really taste this hey hey heywhat’s up my good people thank y’all forwatching our videos and if you liked thevideo click that like button leave acomment and don’t forget to subscribe toour Channel and we’ll see you in thenext video

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