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Peppa pig lets make pancakes

Note for lisadots123 the maker fan 2017

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Video Transcription

today is a day for pancakes pancakes
pancakes I’m the expert at flipping the
pancake server leave that to me are you
sure daddy pig last time you got a bit
grumpy when you drop the pancake on the
floor I did not get grumpy oh there was
a problem with the frying pan pancakes
please yes you can help me make the
butter Oh first I put some flour in the
bowl now I add an egg now the milk yes
of course pepper
that’s enough stirring you to sit at the
table while I cook the pancakes you can
show us how when you flip your own
pancake daddy pig
his first pancake is for George let me
pick a pause a little syrup on George’s
pancake delicious you will get a chance
to show me when you flip your own
pancake daddy pig you still have a high
enough mummy pig Oh
the next pancake is yours daddy pig so
now you can show us how it should be
done is everyone watching the secret of
making a good pancake is to flip it high
into the air
one two three ooh maybe that was just a
bit too high what a shame that was the
last pancake it should be a simple
matter to get it down oh dear
Danny pink cannot reach is pancake don’t
worry daddy pig I think I know a way to
get it down let’s go upstairs children
what is mummy pig planning to do on the
count of three we all have to start
jumping up and down one two three jump
it worked
daddy pig has his pancake syrup on your
pancakes addy pig yes please

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