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Pancake recipe (how to make pancake)

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and mix them well until the sugardissolves in the batter now take 1/2tablespoon of vanilla essence one stepis 1 tablespoon of oil take a normaltemperature of milk and that egg now mixthem againnow I’m at the backing inch first youtake one cup of flour and 1/2 teaspoonof baking powder mix themit’s food if you take this cleaner anddo it I’ll mix the whole better properlythis done it have to be tipped like this[Applause]bubbles are rising with a pancake minutethere will be lots of bubbleslook the color now you will keep theother side one minute 30 SEC if youwanna add honey you can let me dye itit’s so yummy you can try this at homeif you liked this video smash that likebutton and don’t forget to subscribe ourother notifications and belt that

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