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Pancake making tutorial – not my arms

We are making pancakes this morning! Watch the right way to do it without using your arms!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning Facebook happy beautifulSunday out there just wanted to get onthis morning and thank you sir a hugehit in our family we love themOwens usually the one to wants to makesense but today he just wanted to youknow hang out and watch the Peter Rabbitso um what we’re gonna do is we’re goodall my packages we’re gonna mixeverything in our in our blister so thatI’m specs of all um the first off theskillets really hot children so firstwe’re going to mixed um oh yeah I’mgonna hold my head while I’m talkingalso cuz I help to support my neck umwe’re good I’m also able to give myselfa massageoh so lucky so um my name’s you heardawkwardly close to my mouth as I’m tardythat’s right okay so we’re gonna goahead and picks up this better and firstI’m going to put this in my mixer tofirst of I put the mix in it usually Iwould move the list part of the mixerbut I didn’t want to make things tooeasy on myself today and then yes andthen I’m going to put it in the milkwe’re gonna make Kodiak pancakes becausethese are the kids favorite and givesthem some protein and if you want itsays add an egg so I’m gonna crack oneegg and put it in my um put it in mymixer oh yeah put it on all over thethat goes get a garbage disposalum and let me wipe my hands off here nowa little bit of vanilla we like to putin ours because it gives it some extrajazz and flavoring oh good yeah that’splenty of vanilla so I’m gonna give thisa good quick mix I’m gonna pull my thingdown lock it on the left side there yeahand then I’m gonna turn it on a lowsetting to start make sure doesn’t flyall over the placeArizona’s and she’s a mix it it’s awhile it’s mixing look I said sir get itIlyas this happen this deal is it’s veryvery hot oh boy don’t want to be ourheads – mom sometimesjeez oh wow it’s mixing I’m going to UMwatch it I’m just gonna watch it and laymy hand on the mixer to make sure it’sdoing its job I’m gonna turn up higher alittle bit real quick[Music]all rightand unlock it because I always forget tounlock it before I lift it up and thenyou know what extra that was a ladlesometimes I like to ladle my pancakesonto my mixer and I guess Bourdon todayit seems I like big ding cakes one thingone is probably all I’m gonna do oh I’mgonna do spinetto on here so I’m justgonna wait and you don’t want to flip apancake until it really starts to bubbleon the top that’s when you know she’sready to flip Wow really thirsty sittingover this hot skillet oh that’s notready to flip yeah but I’m just gonnaI’m gonna probably get my spatula off ofthe skillet so it doesn’t melt I’m goingto one well we’re doing one pancake onthe skillet we didn’t do anything anymore than that so yeah we’re gonna we’regonna get some help oh we started ourYouTube channel thanks for reminding meEliza the mentor show thanks brandy forhash tagging that I really liked itso joining to church to subscribe to ourFacebook channel so it’s probably alittle premature but I’m trying to giveit a good a good flip yes you can reallyscrape all underneath it happen think itwas such a big pancake so I’m gonna tryto flip the other back here this yummypinkum I’m gonna go ahead and flip the otherthe other app that I didn’t flip yet wealways tell the kids when they maketheir pancakes we’re like that’s Adamsapp at the pancake after you flip itonce you do it really gets it nice andflat so give it a good back you’re backto your spatula excellent um so afterafter I do this one major large pancakeI’m gonna put more pancakes on probablygonna add some more mix cuz a littlewatery that’s embarrassing and thenwe’re gonna eat tough eat some pancakesand go outside so I hope you all do likeyour day Facebook and please try not toburn yourself as you can see thespecialist smoking and um you know Ithink I’m gonna give him a taste herewill be better so good

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