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PANCAKE MAKING CHALLENGE: how to make pancakes

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In this video, Emmanuel, Anne and Phillippa pancakes using a pancake shaker. They also decorated the pancakes using chocolate, grapes and banana slices. We hope you learnt how to make pancakes through this video.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back today we will bemaking pancakes we’re going to be usingpancake shake-up because there arethere’s no flour in the shops to make itso this is gonna make it so fast weshake it gently yeah then add water toit we need to add about 290 millions ofKahluathis is should make a little around thisline right here I don’t know if you guyscan see it but after you do that let meshake it for around 2 minutes or so thenyou will preheat and 7/8 frying pan overa medium to high heat after you add asmaller part you off the other smallamount of oil to it so the pancakesdon’t stick dang you pour lamenot that much but you put you put partof them honking batter under time untilit goes to the cover the entire basethen you leave it on for about 1 or 2minutes until until you feel like youshould sleep[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the pudding is melted nothing so we’regoing to now start making the pancakes[Music][Music][Music][Music]now weanyway while all that’s happening withinour story timebasically on mobile they meet me and wemade up the minimum pancakes he’s my ageback except for mine I think maybe Imight get better[Music]why no I myself into enticing what awonderful bean perky Oh baby pancakeright it’s more like babies hey childrenno children about this whole schoolstory time as telling us a story nowokay so a wonderful story[Music]let’s see what the bomb Lucy just dothat thing where you like like taking ajust flex yeah to tow away should I dothat’s ready this is a mistake I knowthat’s why you would be nice oh my wordI’ve made the monster it’s beautifulsome way some monster you know[Music]look would you pour it in oh just makeit less man is yes it reminds me of thenice creamy right okay what’s new lookat the top the white thing is nice cleanthe vessels things that come becausethen they have a cone which is shapeslike this and[Music]you know anything about you tell me thatthat that is meant to be over there isno other marketers I think stupid athat’s sorry I’m not to do nice thingsquestioners we made on them booms inabout right that must be the back of ahead yeah which means that those boobsin the back of the head is it to do[Music]you[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]hi guys we finished decorating I’mmaking my pancakescomment down below who you think is thewinner this is mine this is Phillip latthis is Emmanuel this is we love youthanks for watching this video guys makesure to LIKE and subscribe I checkedwith your friends you want to watch thisstuff continue living like it but beforebefore we goremember to comment down below who wonand if you have any suggestions of whatyou promised to do thanks for watching

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