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Pancake and cake: A cook along by ABS

Pancake and cake, pancake and cake… In this video, one of our BCBA’s grandson, makes us a bright-eye and bushy-tailed breakfast that is an age old classic. Yup, you guessed it! Pancakes! This video can be shown to your child as a cook along or as a social story on life skills in the kitchen. Consult with your child’s BCBA to see what is most fitting for your child’s needs.

Applied Behavior Services LLC assumes zero responsibility for injury or property destruction as a result of reenactment of this video. Children should have adult supervision at all times when using any kitchen appliances, tools and when working with anything involving a hot surface or flame.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to cookie with pain yes yeahwe’re gonna be making pancakesyou’re gonna need you’re going to need ameasuring cup and you’re gonna need 2/3and the cup and this one even need onecup pancake mix so first we’re gonna doyour thing and you’re gonna pour this intheremake sure it’s you can grab your waterput this all in there grab anything thatyou can next we’re gonna be grabbing Pamoriginal roll-up Oh a whole Grisham’syeah you’re gonna be spraying it on yourlittle thing make sure it’s square andmake sure the handles over here nice jobyourself for yourselfso you’re gonna close that grab here methose stuff should look like this untilyou run out of pancake mix smallersmaller than the less beds in thecompanies know us is gonna be fried yourchocolate chips if you like chocolatechips then just lick your face okay yeah[Music][Applause][Music][Music] that right on there slap it on topof that then he should have somethinggood thank you for coming with ABS[Music][Music][Music]

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