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Hallo everyone one I hope you enjoy watching and have lovely time and be blessed

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Video Transcription

hello good morning guys how are youdoing it’s in the morning here so I hopeyou’re doing fine and today I’m going tomake pancakes for breakfast so I’m goingto take care along and I’m going to showyou how I usually make my pancakes soguys if you’re new here you are verymuch welcome if you’re my tallsubscriber you’re also very much welcomeand if you’re just passing by you’rewatching my video please subscribesubscribe subscribe I will reallyappreciate and it also motivates me andknow that you guys are watching andenjoying my video so please please clickthat red button just down below thevideo subscribe and also don’t forget toclick the bell so every time I upload anew video you get a notification that Ihave uploaded a new video so guys withno further ado let’s start with makingthe pancakes so I’m going to use thispancake mix the radio on and it’s fromcoke month if you live in theNetherlands you know you can buy it inDane or you can buy it in former that’swhy I usually buy it and this one is theegg pan cook pancakes mix and for me Iusually add more I add more one egg andalso I add some milk so these are theingredients that I’m going to use butit’s not a much this is just things thatI do because it’s already a mixedpancake mix it’s a mixed pancake flourso everything is in here you can justthe only thing you need to add thiswater but for me I usually like to addmore egg and milk so that’s what I’mgoing to do and because they pancake isonly for me I’m just going to do like apancakeso I already use this rubber take upsome so I’m just going to put just alittle bit in the container just likethat not so muchI just look like that and then I’m goingto beat my egg so I’m going to be likethat you don’t need to add sugar oranything because it’s already added inthere in the past so I’m just going totake some of the milk and I’m just goingto add I need to add milk because or Ican just put some water I added justwater and then and I like my pancake mixto believe I like my pancake mix to benot so not so team and not sub thick soI’m just trying to start to avoid anylumpsstart and make sure that they you don’thave any lumps oh I’m it’s a little bitthin to team so I’m going to add more ofthis more of this and I’m going to startyeah so I will really felt theconsistency and it’s just it’s perfectand I like it so if you buy the readypancake mix you just need water I don’tneed you don’t need to add if you if youif you don’t wants to add you’re gonnaneed to I just do this because yeahbecause I want it like that so that youdon’t have to you can really add waterin that’s it and then you can see yesthat is the consistency of the pancakethat I like spits so I’m going toprepare my my so my plan is my pan isheating up and I’ve put some vegetableoil I’ll use this one with omega-3 I usethis one the vita door and I’m going towait until it’s warm hot and then I’mgoingit’s my mix that I’ve already made solet’s do this[Music]gotta get out your fears[Music]it’s fine[Music]oh this overthinking[Music]I swim[Music]and so I’ve already finished making mypancakes so I’m making I’m boilingLauren to make instant coffee with me soI can eat it with my pancakes so that’swhat I’m doing there the water isboiling and then I show you how i makemy instant coffee so guys this is how mypancake dissolve my pancake came out Imade a few of them I’m not going to eatall of them maybe I’m going to eat twoor three and then there are so justleave it when my daughter come fromschool that she can eat it but this ishow my pancakes looks likeand I usually with my pancakes I usuallyeat it with Angelis powder this one thepancake powder so I use the powder thepowder for my sugar powder sugar for mypancakesor I can use the syrup so I always buyfrom the same company so and I bet ifyou live in the Netherlands this is fromyeah I buying it yeah Informer Informeroctane you can find this one so I usethis to the powdered sugar the powderedalcohol and syrup so that’s what I’mgoing to – sorry guys like I thoughtthat I was filming but I wasn’t filmingso I’m going to make my instant instantcoffee and I usually use this thiscoffee the Wanda Bella Bella Romaclassics and I usually take 1 spoon Ihave a spoon here this roomplastic spoon so I will check this onewhich have already put here and and thentake sugar and I usually use this teaspoon and I’ve put one teaspoon of sugarand then I’ve taken milk so I put just alittle bit milk in there so this is howit looks like so it’s not that much so Iwhat I’m going to do I’m going to takemy boiling water the water that wasboiling and I’m going to pour it here sothis is my boiling water and then I’mgoing to put it here just like that andthen I’m going to startthat’s how my constant coffee instantcoffee looks fine I love it and then I’mgoing to take my pancakesI’m going for us to use the powder so Iusually take my powder because when Ineed the small doesn’t come out nicelyso I just used my powderI roll my hands are clean I only washthem so I roll my pancakesmy pancake RemyI put it here so you can use your handswhat you like or you can use categorycut your knees comics whatever so comewith me guys you’re going to sit on thetableso guys I’m going to eat my pancakes andI’m going to take with my team guys I’mgoing to eat my breakfast I’m going toeat my pancakes and take my coffee and Iusually use my hands because my handsare clean I don’t need captain the knifeand fork it’s my time in my household[Music]MZ hummus to me online is the plan whereeverybody gotta get outOh[Music]it’s fine so brain[Music]solver thinkingI swimI’m going to eat like two more then I’mfull like I’m not that person with a lotof pancakes but I love eating pancakesin the morning or sometimes also in theevening or even England lunch so nowit’s still like yeah it’s 9 o clock soI’m going to eat more pancakes and thenwhen I finish I have some things to do Ihave errands to run and then I will seeyou on my next video guys thank you verymuch for watching and please pleasenotes don’t forget to subscribe just hitthe red button the red subscribe buttonand also don’t forget to click the bellso every time I upload video you getnotification that I have a new video onmy channel sorry guys it will help me alot for you to subscribe to comment andshare and yeah it will just give me amotivational and I will know that youguys are watching and it can give me amotivation to bring more videos for youguys so if you if you if you have anInstagram I have mine I have Instagramfor home decor and it’s called I need abusy home they come you can go there andfollow me you can follow me on Facebookbut on Facebook I just do some makeupand I on Facebook and follow me I need abase beauty and also I have anotherInstagram for makeup and beauty stuffand it’s also called I need a basicbeauty so you can follow me there tooand yeah I will see you on my next videobye guys have a nice time and thank youfor watching

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