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My Pretend Cooking Show Episode 4: Sweet Potato Pancakes

Recipe from Kristin Cavallari’s True Roots cookbook!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

• Just over 1/2 cup of Purée sweet potato (substitute butternut squash or pumpkin)
• 4 eggs
• 1/2 cup flour (or oat flour)
• 1/2 tsp cinnamon
• 1/2 tsp baking soda
• 1/2 tsp vanilla (or vanilla bean powder)
• Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt
• Coconut oil for pan

• Whisk all ingredients in large bowl
• Heat Coconut oil in large pan
• Pour 1/3-1/2 cup batter for each pancake
• Cook 2-3min per side
• Serve with butter, maple syrup or your favourite toppings


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Video Transcription

hi friends and welcome to my pretendcooking show here in my kitchen today’srecipe comes from Kristin Cavallaritribute book now her cookbook is recipesfree of gluten dairy and refined sugarand today we’re gonna be making sweetpotato pancakes they are so deliciouslike I I love them and they’re so easyand there’s not a lot of ingredients toknow so let’s get startedone of all the ingredients laid out infront of me here so you need four eggshalf a teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 ateaspoon of cinnamonyou need just over half a cup of pureedsweet potato you can also use butternutsquash or pumpkin if you want the recipeis for butternut squash pancakes but Iusually always harvested potato in myhouse so I make them potatoes to get theamount of people to do it for the recipeI usually just do one average sizepotato it don’t really measure it onepotato pie recipes kind of what I do andthen 1/2 a cup of oat flour it calls forI don’t have a flour so I’m just gonnause regular flour and it also calls forvanilla bean powder I have searched highand low for this vanilla bean powder andcan’t find that the only options I havefound are vanilla sugar so it’s likepowdered sugar that tastes like vanillaor I just use vanilla extra soap sothose are the ingredients so you’regoing to go ahead and then take yourmixing bowl and you’re gonna puteverything intonow that would be the recipe even paintHimalayan salt I love camel and salt Iactually use it for everything I use itfor my table so all my cooking I love topaint your pants off so now that we haveall of our ingredients in the bowl hereI’m just going to give it a light littlestir this way make sure that we mightput it in the beater isn’t all therecipe uses pink Himalayan saltI love pink Himalayan salt I actuallyuse it for everything I use it for justlike my table salt all my cooking I goout the pink Himalayan salt so now thatwe have all of our ingredients in thebowl here I’m just going to give it alight little stir just to make sure thatwhen I put it in the beaters of the moldso I’m going to go ahead and put it inmyperfecthere is the batter so it’s not too runnyit’s got a good consistency to it niceand thick okay so now we’re just gonnamelt coconut oil in the frying pan herenow coconut oil doesn’t pick a long timeto melt so you want just enough thatwhen you put your body in it kind ofmakes the edges of the batter a littlebit crunchy so I only cooked maybe oneto two pancakes at a time because theydo cook pretty fast and I usually cookthem about medium to high heat becauseyou don’t want to cook them super fastyou want to cook them long and slow thatway you get a nice color on both sidesyou don’t have burnt pancake now I don’tknow if any of you have seen thesebefore these are for eggs but I thoughtthat I’d give it a try for my pancakesso I can get that nice perfectly roundand cake so I’m gonna try it you don’t Idon’t know how well it’s gonna work outbutyou’re going to scoop your batter intherejust like so then I’m gonna do one Idon’t know how many of you watch this isus but I love that show and I love JackPearson and my favoriteI think quote opinon is when he’stalking about waffles and he’s like Ohlike you know how when I make waffles onSaturday mornings I usually taught thatwas the first one and he’s like eitherthe iron’s too hot or it’s not hotenough for the batter is too thick orwhatever and he was like boy friends arekind of like your first waffle you justtoss the first one away so I thoughtthat was actually pretty hilarious andit when I was thinking about making thisrecipe for the show that came to my mindI thought that was so I share the humorwith younow to test if the pancakes are ready tobe flipped over trip up in case youdon’t want to flip them too much kind oflike a burger you want to flip them onetime once on each side that’s itso to check to kind of peak the peakunderneath to see if it’s a pop thatmakes like old any kind of color see howwe have the nice golden edges on thepancake you can tell which one I usedthe ring for in which one I didn’t butthey are looking mighty delicious nowthe recipe says it makes about fourcakes but I can usually got about sevenor eight pancakes out of the batch itjust depends how but you can see herethey’re just like averageand every time that I make a pancake Iadd a little bit more coconut oil to thepan because the coconut oil actuallyevaporates pretty quickly and as we werecooking the pancakes you may want toadjust the temperature you may want tolower it down a little bit because theodds you’re cooking are pinky you’re herpimp getting hotter and hottergo so right now I’m sitting more toabout low eat low to medium yet asopposed to medium high because you don’tnow usually when I make my pancakes thatyou double the batch and I make them allup and then I put them in the freezerand then when I want to have them forbreakfast I will pop them in the toasterand heat them up that way and they tastejust as good putting them in the toastereven the toaster oven we still get thatnice like Frenchie outside of thepancake so whatever you want I like thefruit that’s really good too but rightnow comment below if you like some fromtrigun check in your booth with and givea thumbs

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