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Making REAL Keto Pancakes | JP Weeklies 54

I made real keto pancakes using the new NUSH Foods pancake mix that’s available now!

As a multiple brain tumor survivor living with 4 brain tumors, and a past of TBI’s during my BMX career, my brain’s health and performance is very important to me.

Food has a profound influence on how well we perform in life and plays a major role in our health and well-being. Stabilizing our blood sugar seems to be the most critical thing in our control when it comes to our health. That’s why I choose to follow a wholefood approach to my diet, avoid processed foods for the most part, and live an active lifestyle.

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Massive thanks to NUSH Foods and their commitment to wholefood based food products that are clear, tasty, and metabolically sound while making convenience an healthy option today.

You can learn more about the Ketogenic certification that NUSH has here:

Nush makes sugar-free cakes and cookies in a variety of different flavors that are made with a focus on clean sweeteners and fibers and whole-food-based ingredients. They also now have a keto pancake mix available!

Making good-for-you, delicious tasting snacks is Nush’s mission and I am proud to share Nush with all of you.

Learn more about NUSH Foods

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