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making pancakes with pancake mix

short video of making pancakes with pancake mix,

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Video Transcription

hello welcome back to my channel andtoday I’ll be doingpancakes I know it wasn’t very long agothat I did a pancake video but when it’sin deplete light package let’s see howthat holds up compared to homemade onesprincess I need one medium egg and 280ml cold water I will end up here but anegg right there time to sit togetherpancakes a nice smooth mixture time toput it in[Music]that’s a fish friend on now come outreally weird because any first pancakesI was the weirdest[Music]that’s gone round your side or stuck tothe pan respondent[Music]I’m not really gonna express thepancakes and all the best track recordbut the delicious top though it mightjust pre making a packet and no my likeI’ll probably just feel that too like Ialways do[Music]I’m gonna pull it better now whoo[Music]this bigot anyone know that’s thepancakes done they don’t look that badeven five novice like me this sucks ofmaking pancakes this turned out quitewell so here comes a taste test ofpre-made pancakes[Music]now let’s give us homemade stuff that’swhy I can say I’ll make stuff there’s awhole lot better and whole lot sweeteris just bland so guess where that feelthat comes in handy so anyway if youliked this video give it a thumbs upcomment share subscribe and if you gotany ideas for me to cook anything justleave a comment down below and I’ll seeyou guys in your next video see ya

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