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Making pancakes with mum

Just me and mum making pink pancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay it’s working hello everyone itsErica here what else we’re gonna makepancakes today that’s right great jumpso we’re gonna make pink and purplepancakes yep to make them we will needour ingredientssorry we need some chihuahuanow what self raising flour yeah sugarsome white sugar white Salinas and tomake them pink a winner down lies begyour and to make some blue we need somelip values yeah well we could break themtrippin with summer berries put awayyeah alright we need some butter andsome milksorry yep and she thought some yep it’sa milk so let’s get ready to go everyput a mixing bowl yeah and I know thatyour hairs out of your eyes and thatyou’ve washed your hands all ready to gojust like I have okay sorry to getstarted we need our measuring cup weneed 1 cup of flourhmm that’s easy that’s right sorrylet’s get it a spoon this is actually atablespoon nice workyou put your hands filling me someflowers today okaynow your favorite things Dale is an eggif you would all fit just one eggI think we’ll get one that’s roomtemperature so up there off themicrowave so why are still officials ouregg we will have a look what we’ve donewe’ve got our cup of flour and ourtablespoon of sugar we’re going to putour egg in there and we’re also going toput some milk in there okay so we putoff three-quarters of a cup of milk inthere so you might have a measuring cupthat has three quarters written on it oryou might have a cup the same cup to usefor the flour and just fill it threequarters of the way up justice what I’vedone today okay so how you going withthat egg and with the butter it says 50grams you might have some scales or ifyou don’t you can buy a block or by thelike this and it has written on the sidea few little lines that are all 50 gramsso it says 5050 5050 Oh chocolatestraight down there and we know we’vegot 50 grams sure I canso this 50 grams of butter is just overa tablespoon size for a visual there forus as well okay so we’ve got our egg nowyeah we’re going to flour could you dous the honor of cracking the egg stillyeah crack it into a little ball firstso that way you get any shell in it thenwe can get it out easilybeautiful job okay we gotta pull theagain we haven’t pulled up on her in yetremember we’re gonna put that in the panso you wanna put the egg in can i stiryou can and then we’re gonna add themilk as well slowly yes you like me topour the milk in for you slowly why youstill okay would you like me to stir inyour pour slowlyhe keeps doing nice and slowly and mixit all upyeah good yes very good it’s going don’tforget to go around the edges get allthe dry bits from the edges lucky eggand milk and stir it all up so it’s allmixed through don’t forgive me no sirso far so good yeah I’m fine don’t meokay give you a nice big stare aroundfor me and then we’ve got the fun partwe get to squish up the raspberries tomake it pink yeah I would love thatso we’ve put in the recipe a handful soI think if you could put a handfulthat’s fine we could beam in the bowlget a fresh one we’re going to mash themup for me just roll up you know whatthoughleaking for the pancake mixture oncethey’re in here and all of the red fromthe raspberries plus the white from amixture of yellow we call it what colorwould that make working it’s gonna makelight lit well right lock up somethingthat pinky I reckon you could do boysbut let’s concentrate on doing a goodjob one at a time you can but let showme how those robberies are going did youwant to what point them down so everyonethat’s watching can see what they looklikeis lovely what do you think yeah justwrite them all in with the spoon andthen you can mix it up through thewindscreen there we go smells lovelythose batteries I can see it going pinkalready can you stop staring lovelyokay so that’s almost done what we canchill when it’s finished mixing is whenit starts to get little bubbles in itand they pop can you see any littlebubbles no anyone see a little bit morethan can you see that little bubblespopping say those words pop oh yeahlet’s see we’ll see a little bubblespopping in there okay we’re up to thefun part which is cooking all rightwe’re back we’re going to put our watchout you know hip in and turn our panonto a medium to high heat with our 50grams of butter we only need a littlebit of it for every time we cook somepancakes to keep the surface nice andmoist so our pancakes don’t stick yeahso let’s turn our oven on chill mediumso that would be number six so it’s mygreat okay okay so put it on till mediumheat remembering this is probably a jobfor big people so if you want ask yourmom and dad’s help especially before youtouch the oven or turn it on that wouldbe the way to go wouldn’t it still allrightokay so we’re ready to cook our pancakesyes so we might just swap the cameraangle over so you can see the pancakescooking I might do the cooking bitbecause that’s hot and dangerous and youmight do the filming how’s that yeah Ican be feeling how my angles it’s allabout practice all right so we’ve meltedour butter into the pan and we’ve spoonfooled some pancakes in three and canyou remember still at how we can tellwhen pancakes are cooked and can seesome bubbles yeah we actually can saythem okay so I win they’re all nice andbubbly we’ll give them a flip lookinggood sorry sweet these ones they lookgreat nice and golden and once you flipthem over they only need it’s a littlebit of time on the other side like aminiature and just until they’re goldenbrownso you’ve melt some more butter andyou’re ready to go again[Music]these are looking yummy still all rightso cooking them onto we see some bubbleswhich we can see do you think they’relooking pink or not they’re all rightall right sorry how did we go I still doyou want to eat one of those pancakesyeah all right and do you want to plateone up for us what are we gonna havewith it baraz berries no strawberriesyeah no it looks like you’re making morelike thanks beautiful that looks amazingare you gonna eat it for us well thanksfor your help todayyeah eat it up[Music]

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