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Making RSK’s famous Blueberry Pancakes!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]today making blueberry pancakesblueberry pancakes our favorite dear dr.Rodney so now I’m going to show you thespecial recipe we use but first we haveto wash our hands[Music]okay handle what gloves are on let’s getstartedfirst we have one and a half cups ofself-raising flour let’s pull that intothe mixing bowl next we’re going to addone tablespoon of brown sugar and we’regoing to add back into the mixing bowlwe’re gonna use a spoon just to mix thedry ingredients together always best todo these first and we’re going to addone cup of milk we’re going to add onewisp and one tablespoon of vanillaessence now I’m going to use all this towhisk it all together to make sure thatthere’s no Kong’s dinnerso we keep mixing until we see no nocrumbs of well or sugar until there’s areally nice consistencywhat do you think guys do you thinkthat’s a good consistency I think we’vegot it now the best part is to add someblueberries so I put here some frozenblueberries that we’ve defrosted andwatched and we’re gonna add in I’m goodabout maybe a couple but probably one ofthe holy wooden threads and we say soyou can see how you go you can also addin school breeze or any other fruit ourblueberries are really good hiki so nowI’ll use a spoon to mix through theblueberries and see that beautifulcircle color once the blueberries areall nice eaten now when we’re going toneed our mommies and daddies born out tohelp us we’ve destroyed to cook thepancakes on medium heat so now I’m hometo back I’m getting boredeverything takes into the pan so we justgonna pour a little bit you can make anice beacon as cool as you wantand then we wait for them to cook andsleepare you ready friends it’s time to cookour pancakes when they bubble up likethis we know that they’re riddlesI think we’re all finished now so timeto add some money if you like or you canadd anything else five is the time[Music]

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