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Making pancakes with Kai FT. Kasanov Official

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Video Transcription

yeah hello guys we’ve got we’re gonnamake pancakes at 4:00 if and cakes outfor this is it yeah pancakes at for mycamera might be a little blurry it’sbecause I’m using my tablet camerabecause my phone is still exporting avideo all rightso prep time five minutes cook timefifteen minutes ready in 20 minutes coolyeah you have enough fun in a large bowllarge bowl in a large bowl[Music]cook myself alive when I’m alone allright so it says Network wolves so weneed one and how much is this is this aquarter-cup don’t know it says to seesee do we have a cup like a cupwe have the baking cup with thosemeasurements right yeah[Music]that’s the only one we have this is forleaders yeah my mom uses that to bakecakes are they yeah this is a cup okayyeah so we need one and a half so that’sone and a half and purpose flour it sayswe need to sift it it’s all fine but Icould do that with a with a fork I’llget the fork okay thankswhat are you gonna you gonna mix it withthat toooh my my my camera is very foggy thereyou go that’s a little lot betterthat is almost a half yepone cup and a half it’ll repeat it yeahbecause the video I can’t believe I usedto record this on this tablet Wowalright three and a half teaspoons ofbaking powderyes living that one yes we have a lotwell we still have some everything yeahI’m just gonna cook and you’re yep Idon’t know what I’m doing alright nextthingsomething should put this holder in thesugar you yep one teaspoon is all Itried to tell ya is my mom David dayaand then I was here to save the day oneno need one tablespoon tablespoon thespoon that’s a tablespoon yes it’s notopen yet organic you are this is the onetablespoon yeah yeah a spoon this sizeof a table all right it’s white so it’sgood tinyeah it’s wife not dark crazy racistreason raisin here I can about my tabletcamera is so zoomed in yes you have tolike mix it together yeah a good coolthingthis is looking good some good-lookingpowder guess there’s some good-lookingpowder cool my camera can still see allthe details on this all right make awell in the center and point and pour inthe milk egg and okay maybe not all thedetails but alright Hammerton somebutter needs to be melted okay we need ait’s three tablespoonsthree tablespoons Jesus Wow a lot of itwith melting in the microwave you worksthat’s what that song yes I love itI love that are you still obsessed withit yes that is 2 that is 2 tablespoonstable and then we’re gonna have to putin the microwave for how long thoughI’ll say about 30 seconds Wow 30 secondsis that all yeah 20 seconds 20 secondsof 30 seconds in the micro instead yougot a press time cook yeah then 20alreadythat’s it for the butter melted butterall at once yeah so I’m just gonna putit like one after the other and then mixit we got our melted butter see that youdon’t think litter that’s how much 20seconds can do so I think the firstthing we need to do is make our wellmake a well yepwhat are we gonna take six feetunderground even well this is what youdo all right make it so it’s like a ahole in the middle okay and then you’llput all the wet ingredients in thereokay all right this is this is cooking101 yeah yes mum yep YouTube is the mostone so we need one and a quarter cup onein the quarter can’t see anything fromhere but okay[Music]that’s one couple so this is what we’regonna do we’re gonna make it go likethat that flooded well it’s gonna bepretty fluffy microwave mymicrowave pretty fluffy microwaves forthe milk the milk all rightI eat the butter but you’re that onehang one egg yep what’s what signs itdoesn’t even matterokay so you’re using a butter knife tobreak the egg yeah I I then trust doingthe banging the egg on the the table butI mean my mom does that yeah yeah whatwas another that’s soon oh all right allright now I get the egg in dirty garbagepretty garbage where’s the green garbageit’s a black point the a blue garbage isthe white one yeah the melted butterthis looks so cool I know you’re cookingwhat if this says dude and melted buttermix until smooth I can record up to 49minutes that’s gonna do plenty of timeyeahoh look at that pancake mix me yesmixing mix the pancake for around 10hours mix forever mix bracket untilsmooth yes so now I’m pretty sure thetank d-pad you’re supposed to look likea beige kind of player so yeah that itmakes this into Lissa yeah that lookslike it yep entirely thisI know small spoon it’s not the bestmixing tool then you get the butterknifethat looks good yeah looks about niceyeah I guess so doubt do you bossyoh yeah we’re fineWow I’ll take that on what kind cakebatter looks like so now I assume thatyou just put inyep yepyes sir they’re supposed to be lookinglike although on my camera it lookswhite it’s supposed to be beige real areally light beige do we have a soupladle Oh soup ladle what the heck isthatthere’s the pence here so just so thatwe can like yeah all right my mom putgot the all right so he knows the righttemperature don’t worry he a lightlyoiled griddle lightly oiled griddleyeah some nice olive oil some I’ll leavesome Olivia oil and now you got a oilyou got a olive oil your thing you putfive grams of it let it fill the wholepot then you got a you bet if there’sthathello guys cooking I’m making pen yeahblowing away so youokay now you let that cook wait how muchit’s not boiling by the way you didn’teven put it on nobody’s not on it’s noton no yeah it’s the bottom one huhso then you put it at three more thanyeah all right five but I guess three isokay yeah I’ll go a little slower butthat’s fine that’s a little higher thanfive that’s like 525 there sometimesfive faster yeah turn it down this yougo all rightI think it’s ready to put they first allright so what you do you take your umyou take your scooper thing soup soupPlato whatever the heck that is rightyou take it you put it on the pan youput the you put the mix on the pan andyou let it go all over the place hahagonna be a big thing it is let it letthat olive oil mix in with the pancakeand now we waitwhy even cooking lasagna because we needto eat supperthat’s why supper I will report untilit’s all boiledolive oils not doing anything yet ohwait they need to put away from that theingredients that we took out afterputting away all the ingredients yeah itlooks like it’s actually cooking I feelI feel like we put too much olive oilbut it’s fine yeah do you think we puttoo much olive oil mum probably thefirst the first pancake will be a littleoily and okay what we Flo you don’t befine yep look it’s rightoh it’s getting bigger this is lookingpretty epic a picI like cooking for my friends yes I canactually see some of the brown who comeup on the surfacethis is gonna be good yes this is gonnabe goodwe need to wait till it it’s like thePERT it needs to be like though I don’tknow that’s good yeah I was probablygood to all ready to fliplook at that that’s a very beige plantpancake that’s a very oily pancake yeahvery beige to get ready to eat it orleave it it’ll be on the gnarly oilypancakes so I guess we’ll put this havetwo plates really for me yes let’s eatthem is that is that ketchup momtomatoes tomatoes that’s tomato but okaywell that’s a good pancake a goodpancake the way it’s a very beige pattyokay that is a very beige pancake thatis a very basis all right all right allright I’m a beer Trier all right I’mgonna try it one of the pancakes thatmeans high porkit’s metallically attached to my case onmy tablets gotta set this up all rightit’s time to put the syrupokay only pancakes yeah it’s better toput in a pen oil or butter all rightprobably and buying the oil is Ohactually no oh oh there we go that’s agood thing oh yeah oh by the way yourpancakes not that bad you just add alittle bit of maple syrup and you’refine it’s not badit’s actually not badand check out right yep Oh somebody someof your water is boiling popping on myoh it’s melted yeah it’s very goodI guess that tutorials for making wasfor making white pancakesI’m pretty sure the second pancake I’mmaking free is gonna be better okay ithas less oily any lesshe’s making a second pancake for me yeahoh yeahalright I’m getting another pancake thisone I’m even recording my reaction andme eating it here you goyeah yeah I guess it’s just to make themwhite pancakes why do you keep the bigthings on top of the garbage can thisspace on the tableI’m just listeningthis dude puts his stuff on the trashcanseriously you just gotta put on the carjust get put on the trashcan yeah oh mygod if i zoom in with my tablet’s oneit’s literally 144p like you canliterally just see pixels no fullyepand if I can make an elastic with thiswill bring thisI have so many clips right now of thispic of this pancake career becausewhenever I want to switch perspectives Iswitch camera I’ve got a literally stopthe video switch and start the video andthen if I want to switch back I got tostop the video switch switch the viewand then go back yep that’s how you doit on the on my tablet but on my phoneyou can just switch I’m gonna switch itcool that they added that in Android awindowand it’s one thing when i factor eats atmy tablet the pause button is not thereand then i factory said again the pausebutton is there take this bit little bitof pinky huh do it it’s a tiny pancakeit’s a tiny pen very tightly yeahyeah in a little mini pinchoh you’re bringing to home and you’reeating – here wait you’re bringing threemonthly minute and cakes that’s rightyeah I guess I guess eating three yeahyou’re eating three because it’s it’sthe third pancake the final one Wowwe could probably make a meme about ittiny pancake and usually memes are lowquality so there you goI think this one’s gonna be a cleanpractically a clean onehe’s making another tiny pancake we havethe normal pancakes that funny and thetiniest yesI don’t know where to put this find iton the top cakes then you just put syrupon all of them yep cool that’s bad wowyou made five pancakes one two threefour fivedonuts ones edible what is that they’retiny by it should be fine here’s themaple syrup I’m gonna record thereaction of eating your own pancakes Iusually like my own foodI do it so it’s like falling out of thepancakes and stuff yepthere there’s a fork right there workright therethat’s not my fork by the way andthere’s princess yepis it goodyeah actuallyoh nice I have to hold my iPad like thiscuz if that’s it that’s it we madepancakes yeah fine time to have videotime to video edit both of these yeahall these clips I’m not to put I’m gonnahave to do themjeez are you eating all of them oh wowthanks water we need some more go aheadcut certain the first cabinet yepalright so that was it we made can’t wewait we made pancakes I was doing I wasthe one to record I was the one to makethe thing why is my face really blurrywell I’m gonna go messing my videos

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